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5 and half years later we are still strong! love family

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Inhale the positive, exhale the negative. Bliss Daily 3 helps you focus on the all the positive moments in your life. Download the app today! Link in bio.

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Когда я готовлю, всегда сопровождаю этот процесс песнями и танцами.💃🏼🙈 Так вот, сегодня например, под жарку котлет попала лирика.😄😌👌🏼Селин Дион и Максим мне помогали. Душевная готовка получилась, соседи прослезились наверно😂😭🤩Одним словом-нежность 🧚🏻‍♂️🙆🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️😄нежнеедашаещенежнееконцертлюблюготовитьзнаешьлитынаверноэтомойрайmyheartwillgoondancehappygirlfamily

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The moment your whole family found out you were pregnant 🤰🏻 family babyboy

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Two weeks ago, brittanyboodles and I were walking into our appointment when we heard meowing coming from somewhere. It was coming from a car, initially we thought the cat was trapped in the hood or something, later when I laid on the ground I saw the little kitty wobbling towards me. A little scared but we were able to grab her. She joined us for our therapy appointment. Momma was no where to be found and she was abandoned in a parking lot. We couldn't leave her out in the hot sun. She is very loving and cuddly. Seeing that we already have two boys at our place as much as I wanted to keep her, we decided that it was best if we didn't. We knew moxie has been needing a friend. Due to our actions my mom has fallen in love, moxie gained a new sister, and I have been written out of my dad's will 😂😂 the newest addition to my mom's family Jetta, since she was found under a Jetta Volkswagen. Im so happy Britt and I were able to help Jetta find her forever home. kitty 4weeksold littlebitty doggo rescue rescued saved helpedakitty ilovecats catwhisperer mom family jetta sorrynotsorry sorrydad

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There aren’t any words that can describe the love and support I have received from these kind souls... Michael and Johanna, thank you SO much for all you do for me!! ❤️ A constant reminder that family is not limited to bloodline blessings family fuelingmyfire

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Da quel 25 settembre 2014 sono passati 4 anni. A pensarci mi sembrano volati; ma se ci penso proprio bene sento tutta la stanchezza, l'ansia e il sonno perso di questi anni. Ma non sono niente in confronto al bene che ti voglio. Mi hai cambiato la vita... non è facile ma è decisamente la miglior vita che potessi volere. Ti amo, di quell'amore forte e incondizionato che non pensavo potesse esistere. Auguri a noi per questi 4 anni di scoperte ed emozioni. 😍😗 . . love 25settembre compleanno happybirthday felicecompleanno amoredellamamma vitadamamma family bimboinspalla tortadicompleanno basket passionebasket 4anniinsieme

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Guys my sister got engaged a couple weeks ago and I'm still crying over these photos. 😭😭

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socal ✌🏼

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Family is important!!!

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Incase you forgot.... ;)

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Que de kiffes encore dans cette journée, des petits rien qui font de grandes joies 💕💕

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“No amount of money or success can take the place of time spent with your family." -Unknown Photo credit: M.R.F. JOLLI family time love

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September🖤 Anyone else besides me who loves fall?🍁

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❤ лупатику Sport style👟 На осень под кросовочки и жилеточку👌 . . . Платьица за лето поднадоели☺ Спасибо males.by за заказик, теперь мы Ваши постоянные клиенты. Снова залипла на Вашей страничке- выбираю еще один костюмчик. Все очень качественно, а в живую еще краше😍 Цена вообще смешная😉 Материал- качественная двунить, с легким начесом, отличный вариант для прогулок осенью🍁

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А вот мы ....мы любим ездить на электричке! Наши в булошную на такси не ездят 😁shchelkovo lovefamilyhappiness