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Mi vida mia ase dos meses llegaste a nuestras vidas gracias x aserme la mujer mas feliz y tambien agradezco a diosito x mandarmelo sanita.y k siempre siga asii te Amo EMMA

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that historical third congress

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Congrats to these goofballs on 7 million and to Grayson for hitting 8 million on ig. I love them and will support them endlessly. 💞💕 ethandolan graysondolan ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ gaintricks graysondolan ethandolan dolantwins explorepage edit fff omgpage likeforlike loren edits lll fff like emma fff lfl omg hot ily love dolantwins explorepage edit fff omgpage likeforlike loren edits lll fff like emma fff lfl omg hot ily love dolantwins explorepage edit fff omgpage likeforlike

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La La Land invites us to welcome the return of something lost, the revival of a golden age. It is simply a splendid continuation of cinema’s ever evolving love affair with song.It’s a beautiful and hopeful film, coming at a time when there isn’t much beauty or hope in our movies. . . starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, won seven awards at the Golden Globes. cinema movies music . فلم لا لا لاند رومانسي موسيقي كوميدي-درامي من تأليف وإخراج داميان تشازل. أعاد المخرج من خلاله روح الحقبة الذهبية للأفلام الموسيقية ولكنه لم يكن فيلم موسيقي فقط بل استحضر على الشاشة كل المقومات البصرية المبهجة لهذه الحقبة مع إعطائها طابع حديث لقصة حب بسيطة موجعة للقلوب. . . فاز بسبعة جوائز جولدن جلوب وهو من بطولة رايان غوسلينغ و إيما ستون . أفلام موسيقى سينما

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Dolcissima e bellissima😍❤️❤️♥️🤪 emma

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Un cumple mágico para Emma 💫💫💫 unicornios emma

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Sins And Secrets is a bootleg 7 inch single of The Sisters Of Mercy. It contains 2 cover versions of songs which (most likely) come from the studio sessions in the summer of 1984, when the band were recording material for their first album. It was released on the FUNN label in the USA in 1989 as a limited edition of 500. thesistersofmercy sistersofmercy sinsandsecrets emma knockingonheavensdoor 7inchvinyl 7inchsingle bootleg bootlegvinyl 7inch vinyl funn limitededition goth coverversions gothic gothrock rock indie postpunk recordcollection recordcollector vinylcollection vinylcollector

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We'd call that donation drive a major success! Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks to borisandhorton for letting us take over 🙈Perfect way to spend a Saturday!

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Saturdays are for snuggles 😻 . This is me (Alaina) and Emma, post-errand sit down turned snuggle time. I went out this morning and ran with my new Saturday buddy, went to the grocery store, reorganizing the kitchen, and when I sat for just a moment, this little lady plopped into my lap. Now I am trapped. 😂 . But seriously, how long should I sit here? Her purring hasn’t stopped, and I’m not even petting her! 💕 . Gotta love the kitty snuggle time. . . . . . catsofinstagram catlady emma lovethiskitty saturdaysnuggles littlelady purring alwayslovinlife

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first post🤠 ac: forgot cc: me

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Hi! This is my first post on this account 💛🌻 hope you like it🙈 -------------------------------------------- QOTD: any Netflix recommendations? AOTD: the good place, Jane the virgin and switched at birth☁️ -------------------------------------------- _emmachamberlain emma chambie explorepage grayson gremma dolantwins emmachamberlain emmaedits emmachamberlainedits omgpage emmafan emmachamberlainfan emmafanpage emmaedit iloveemma emmaily youtube youtuber idol ilyemma graysondolan emmachamberlainfanpage lorengrayedits angeledit emmachambie queenemm chambie angelsarebeautifull explorepage fanpage fanofemma emmachamberlainfan fan fanpage

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So trots op ons Boeta... geluk boeta 1ste show en n WEN... bodybuild won emma&Dean

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theyre glowing up and they dont even need to . . . . . . . graysondolan ethandolan dolantwins dolantwinsfan dolantwins dolantwinsedits dolans dolan grethan graysondolan ethandolan dolantwin youtube youtubeedits dolantwinstuesday textposts dolantwinsfanfiction fanfiction cutecut cutecutedits fanfictions dolantwinsmemes gremma sistersquad ethma emmachamberlain jamescharles emma james ethan grayson ~ disclaimer: im not responsible for you getting offended this is all for fun and everyone is welcome no matter age gender sexuality race etc etc and please don’t ask for likes and follows on other peoples accounts its really annyoing

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Jane AUSTEN gecesi :) Ingiliz klasik edebiyatcilarindan Jane AUSTEN'in bilinen ve Turkce'ye çevrilmiş olan 6 kitabi vardir. Tüm kitaplarının filmi de yapılmıştır. Ayrıca Jane AUSTEN'in kendi hayatini anlatan "Becoming Jane" adlı film de vardir. Siz Jane AUSTEN'ın hangi kitabını okudunuz ya da filmini izlediniz ve en çok hangisini beğendiniz. janeausten askvegurur emma akılvetutku mansfieldpark ikna northangermanastırı

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Querida Mechi , Hice una edición bastante simple en comparación con las que hice antes, sé que me tomó mucho tiempo pero viene del corazón 👑 Eres mi ídolo y permanecerás así por siempre✨💞 Te prometo y espero que algún día (pierdo la esperanza) te vea, sepa que te ofrece todo lo que puedo ofrecerte que viene de mi corazón♥️ Te amo y te amaré siempre💘 Laura de Francia 🇫🇷 - mechisoy 🌹 - MercedesLambre MechiLambre Mercedes Mechi Lambre Mechita Mechistas MechiLover LudmilaFerro Ludmila Ferro Violetta Emma HeidiBienvenidaAlShow HeidiBienvenidaAlTeatro HeidiBienvenidaACasa HeidiBienvenida MechiSoy FRANCE ARGENTINA mechiflasheandomoda

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Emma Roberts foi escalada para um novo drama da Netflix, a atriz irá interpretar Kat Baker, uma patinadora que sofreu uma queda desastrosa e precisou deixar as pistas de competição, em Spinning Out.

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U N P O P U L A R O P I N I O N S (Please don’t be offended, its fine if you guys like any of this💚)