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More sketches , for God of Sketch Guys, what you want that i will draw? Ребзи, накидайте в комментарии что мне нарисовать Sketch Drawing copicmarkers

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I have already shown you this one, but now in original format and better quality. . "Psychosexedelische Knoten, Schleifen & Knäuel Nr. 4.3" Fineliner, copicmarker and paintmarker on paper, 70x50cm. Sold. . I'm working on a lot of things right now, but one of the next steps will be a new series following this "paradigm". . . . psychosexedelisch psychosexedelic art kunst artwork linedrawing drawing drawings zeichnung zeichnungen eroticart eroticdrawing sex passion love erotic figurativedrawing abstractfigurative contemporaryart contemporarydrawing copicmarkers fineliner paintmarkers graphic instaart fineart daviddott dott munich munichartist

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♦️follow miyo.features for more art❗️ • • ♦️Art by👉🏼 east_blue95 • • ♦️Anime : attack on titan • • ♦️Check My art account 👉🏼 shir.k.art

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Got the first 6 of my series done. 0 the The Fool, 6 The Lovers, 13 Death, 15 The Devil, 18 The Moon and 19 The Sun. Hope y'all enjoy. 16 to go wish me luck!

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this drawing was really fun to do, I experimented with ink, and when I was done I scanned it. Our copier makes the lines and colors really dull, so I pretty much did lineart and colored it digitally aha. I used literally the whole night (I’m rlly tired today oops) until noon, but I think I like how it turned out, and I used my finger ? It was amazing how I was able to clean up some mistakes I did in the original piece, so like I drew the hand again etc. Also feel free to comment some artists u rlly like, so I can check them out ⊂((・x・))⊃ 🌱 🌱 🌱 copicmarkers micronpen promarker digitalart ibispaintx

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Your words is a catalyst, catalyzed the chemical reaction in my broken heart, shifting the equilibrium toward depression . — Melón That’s what I learned in chemistry lol. And I’m just trying to apply it to describe the mood of depression. Artwork created in 2017/8/29 . . . . art arts arte artistsoninstagram artist artsy artwork art_spotlight depression depressionquotes quotewithpicture word draw draws drawing drawings drawthisinyourstyle drawingoftheday doodle doodles doodlesofinstagram doodleart copicmarkers copic copics copicart flashback mood expression 落書き

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Copic markers, es complicado usarlos 😅😂😂copicmarkers

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Ok I’m sorry for not posting in the past like month and a half, I was drawing a bunch but I didn’t feel as though my shitty Ipad camera would do my drawings justice. This post was inspired by a bunch of different people I follow so I’ll mention them right here: veganghost lucylooxi ohheygirlstore bad.geisha and a few others, but I forgot who (sorry) Anways, thank you very much for being patient. Love u guys • • • • • • art artist artsy artistic drawing drawingoftheday sketch sketchbook doodle creative inspiration gouache fashion copicmarkers micronpen

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Hey guys! I just illustrated one of my ocs, his name is Callisto! He's from the wattpad series Only Me XD. He has Geokinesis, which is an ability to control the ground and rocks. He can shoot rocks and control the ground when he touches it. He's one of Amy's friend, the main protagonist of the story. You can check him out on Only Me in Wattpad XD. Also, I'm still in my mid term exam, I just happened to able to draw something now lol. I hope you guys have a great day! XD ~LL16 originalcharacter copicmarkers copicart manualart rocks characterdesign

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День 8 - "Исследователь дождливых дней"⛅ Жила в лесу девушка. Очень красивая, но имела необычное происхождение. Ее отец был человеком, он посвятил себя магическим открытиям, исследованиям и тайнам. Ее мать духом бурь и циклонов. Ходили слухи, что в осенний сезон по лесу проносится волшебный ветер, приносящий погоду с разных уголков света. Погода могла меняться в одночасье от проливного дождя до невыносимой жары. Отец взял на себя ответственность решить эту проблему. Когда пришла пора, он отправился в самый эпицентр непогоды. Когда он большим трудом при помощи разных заклинаний дошел до центра, там сидела девушка, похожая на фавнов из сказок. Тогда оба влюбились друг в друга, и у них родилась дочь. Она унаследовала отцовскую страсть к исследованиям и мамину погодную магию. Уже много лет она контролирует погоду и не допускает прошлых бурь. Ее дом огромная мастерская, где хранятся разные комбинации погодных явлений. Но ее любимая погода - дождь. 💦 alexandradikaia_mf alexandradikaia_mf_8 alexandradikaia_mf_4_13_14_15 copic copicsketch art draw sketchbook jackygrimmart sketchbookdrawing instaart girldrowning скетчбук девушка рисунок скетч ilovedrawing copicmarkers волшебство магия

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*GIVEAWAY* So excited to be part of the studiokatia September 2018 release. I made 3 cards, check out the other cards, more giveaway details and more photos on my blog. (Link in profile) I'm giving away a 25$ CAD gift certificate sponsored by Studio Katia! To my instagram followers. To enter: Like this post. Follow me on instagram. Write a comment. For extra chances, tag your friends. One tag per comment please. Giveaway closes on Friday September 28th. and the winner will be announced on September 29th. here on my IG account. So make sure to come back and check. Good Luck! studiokatia giveaway coloring colouring glitter technique copicmarkers watercolors bloghop newrelease christmascard christmas lawnfawn