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بوستر بونا لدرامتها، جميله❤️❤️

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kim dahyun? jobless!!

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اعلان لمسلسل بونا😭❤️ الحماس فل

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⠀ 》9:48 pm 》editing apps: PicPlayPost & InShot 》tHIRD TIMES THE CHARM IG WONT POST MY VIDEO toseki101_r2

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So far summer is boring

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he apologized, but im honestly not buying it. how is laughing at something this serious bringing awareness ??? 2+2= fish ??? he isn’t trying to bring awareness to anything, the only reason he apologized is because people are coming for him 💀💀💀 -raja 👑 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• [all credits to the owner] bts exo wannaone superjunior got7 bigbang seventeen day6 sf9 aoa ikon nct kpop kpopmemes clc monstax shinee twice girlsgeneration blackpink kpopl4l hyuna straykids kpopf4f vixx astro chungha gidle pristin kimsamuel

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Can someone tell the crimson chin twins the clapping seal and the ghost looking ass that this is not fucking funny??? What we’re not gonna do is make fun someone passing out. -Raven •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• [all credits to the owner] bts exo wannaone superjunior got7 bigbang seventeen day6 sf9 aoa ikon nct kpop kpopmemes clc monstax shinee twice girlsgeneration blackpink kpopl4l hyuna straykids kpopf4f vixx astro chungha gidle pristin kimsamuel

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Creía que sólo HyunAh tendría mi atención pero conocí a esta bebé. 💕

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It was so hot today I thought I was gonna melt - Group: Girls Day - ❌ no fff ex like ❌

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These Made me so happy🙏🏽💜 Didn't expect anything to hit pass 500views haha

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IOI - Very Very Very Wow my school uniform looks great 😂👍 toseki101_r2

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♡ beautiful talented chinese princess💖 - idol: kyulkyung group: pristin v ©️ 비몽

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don’t call yourself a blink if you hate Lisa, she’s done nothing to deserve this honestly some people in this world,,,,, BLACKPINK

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But kyungsoo looks good in baekhyuns hair

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My mood all winter

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“ the worst feeling I know is when you’re not understood. I’ve been struggling and I always struggle with expressing myself. I feel like this account is one of the few places where I can express my thoughts and feelings, I can’t even express what I say on this account to people in real life. I don’t even express my thoughts and feelings face to face. The very least thing I want to ask from people is for them to understand me. I’m not asking people to understand deep stuff about me but just understand,,, maybe what I’m really asking for is for people to not judge too quickly. That’s very deep. I just want people to understand that there’s a reason behind why we act like we do. And that we can act from what we do. No one I know understands me very well I feel so bad about it. Maybe it’s really important to me because getting validation from my environment and other people was always important to me. Not being understood is as if you’re really weak and under disadvantage from someone’s triumph card. You’re not saved at that point. _ ; cr as tagged ; byulharang 별하랑

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Chungha- roller coaster . . Chungha ioi

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I lovee this part so much I already said this sooo many timess but i will keep saying it I just like share my feelings with you guys❤️😭 - - bts.bighitofficial BTS Blood Sweet & Tears jhope

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ㅡ uh why do I feel so sad all day. Why do I feel so empty and sad no matter what. It really makes me feel so tired _ ; cr as tagged ; byulharang 별하랑

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Can I have her body tho? Lol chungha

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qotp: chungha in ioi or as a soloist? ⠀ aotp: as a soloist i always say this but why don’t you know is one of the ultimate summer bops ⠀ idol: chungha song: why don’t you know credit: MBCentertain ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ chungha 청하 kimchungha 김청하 ioi 아이오아이

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i choked

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HOLY MOTHER OF NEPTUNE THIS IS THE MOST ICONIC AND EPIC THING IN THE WORLD - Donghan literally KILLED me this MV is so beautiful, Donghan is GORGEOUS wowowowow this is why i didnt wanna watch this yet cuz its THE HUGEST BOP AND THE LOOKS ARE WOWOWW - Support my king and stan him LEGENDS ONLY - [Donghan 동한 KimDonghan 김동한 Sunset JBJ 제이비제이 JustBeJoyful Joyful][don9_han] - Song: Sunset - Kim Donghan . . Kpop Fancam BoyGroup Exo EXID Blackpink Twice RedVelvet SNSD Shinee NCT Fx Hyuna Sunmi Chungha AOA Gfriend Got7 MonstaX Pristin CLC

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forever together

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Guuyyyyss I'm 16 now 🎉 so as a little special here's a collab with the cute mochihanii ❤ It was so much fun doing this collab because she's such a genuinely nice person 😍❤ . . . . And today has been stressful because I had to make a new ID and everything because I lost my purse 😥 but tbh I would have to renew everything anyway because I'm able to drink alcohol now 😏 . . . . . kpopkpopdancecovercoverdancekpopcoverbtsexochunghagfriendmomolandgot7ncttwiceredvelvetgugudanblackpinkddududdududdududduducoversquareuplisaroséjisoojennie

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sorry that i didn’t post but i was lowkey disappointed that my last video didn’t get a lot of views and school was tiring but nvm,,, here I am • shower- trainees on produce48 focus: lee chaeyeon, constant on sixteen and former jyp trainee • produce48 produce101 akb48 leechaeyeon