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It started with her trusting me to get her better. Now I’m learning to trust her! It’s her passion I fell in love with and not just on the basketball court. She’s a passionate person in everything. Lys McDaniel now is the time and we not letting up! All gas!!! UTLBFamily WeGrind 8thGrade 6Footer

1 week ago

... And then I rub the lotion on you You got a lot of lotion on you I want to see the moon shine on you Can I see the moon shine on you? A little more lotion on you Tryna take my time on you. 😏 🗣72 inches of silliness! Stallion 6Footer TallAndThick 👅

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This women has the most beautiful spirit! She is a cancer survivor and a true Boss! She spoke and made time for everyone. Author of bossbride And ESSENCE Senior Editor. charreah your are so dope and can’t wait until we cross path again!

3 weeks ago

2 weeks post surgery. Cant wait til I can work out and get back to being toned. Yoga then cardio then strength training. genes 6footer natural running errands momlife

3 weeks ago

let freshman year begin!🏐💓 15 6footer

4 weeks ago

Let this be fair warning to trespassers! • No, I do not want (or like) to kill anything and we don't unless it poses a direct threat to Lexi, Emee, or our friends' kids. • Yes, we felt better about killing this beast to protect our yard guests by serving him up with the rest of the nasty meat. I'm from Texas afterall, and this is no big deal. • And no, I didn't try him because I already know what rattler tastes like and I haven't eaten animals in almost 3 years. . . . UnexpectedGuest Tresspasser 6Footer RattleSnake Rattler Snake SnakesOfInstagram BBQ BBQSnake Birthday YouCanTakeTheGirlOutOfTexas Texas TexasGirl ThrowARattlerOnTheBarbie

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Who has favorite workout gear? I mean the ones you wash right away so you can wear it again quickly 🙋🏽‍♀️? I love victoriasport leggings because I’m 6ft and I NEED tall in leggings, they rarely disappoint on having the styles I want in tall....but I MUST shout out fbffitness for my favorite hoodie! It’s cute, a bit sexy and comfortable. It also washes up great (tie knots in the leather-look strings or you’ll lose them in the wash). If it’s still on the site, go buy one! Thanks zakiablain I’ve also purchased a unitard, biker shorts, crop hoodie and shapewear from fbffitness Support each other! She also is hilarious on her live posts, is a entrepreneur and positive. Follow fbffitness wearenotmagicittakeswork ld21daysnatch 6footer almost50andfitish fbffitness victoriasport

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Mother of a college sophomore and a high school freshman. Executive director. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Mentor. Mentee. Lover of all things black. Music lover. I just broke up with cable. Reader. Writer. Update..my alaiyowaistbeads waist beads have not dropped since I did my post earlier this month. In fact, Saturday they rose so far under my breast I thought I might try my hand at trying to pull them over my head...lol. But driving my daughter to her beloved Hbcu, shopping, meeting new people, discussing boys/goals/music/life/homecoming/fashion and tons of laughter trumped everything. It was everything. Today they are back fitting my waist, but not below. These beads remind me I’m not only abt weight loss and getting fit, I’m more than that. I can’t always eat at home I’m blessed to have a job where I travel. I don’t always drink my gallon, God has blessed me with parents (in their late 70s) who don’t fly but love to travel long distances by car with their adult children. I don’t always make good food choices. My daughter is a foodie and we are most transparent abt life while experiencing all types of decadent dishes at new restaurants. I’m multifaceted. I am everything. These beads remind me that life is about balance. There are times when I forget they r there. There are other times when I wish I never had them tied on. But no matter what, they remind me of my actions, in case I forget, because I’m always doing this thing called life. I make all my own choices, good and bad...but all my own. I have the power to choose. They don’t let me forget that every action has a reaction. Ups and downs. I’m here for it all. Life is all about choices. 40oz in. Cardio and strength training on deck. Food not prepped but planned. ld21daysnatch living almost50andfitish 6footer waistbeadlover

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His first day of High School AND His first away football game.... I can’t take it!!! So excited for this new chapter, Dom! I promise to do my best to steer you down the path of greatness that Allah God had set before you!! Have fun... it’s your time!! gentlegiant6footer firstdayjittersBeGREATson!! studentathleteDOMO🏈🏈

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I'm still standing!!! Standing on the prayers of my Mother & Father! taller 6footer

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The sauna was a must to stretch today. Soreness in my legs has been terrible. Heat always helps. I also drank protein after. My favorite protein is syntha6edge. I just shake it in 6 Oz of water. Leg day came way to soon but I got it done. What do you do when you’re sore? Do you have a favorite protein powder? ld21daysnatch 6footer almost50andfitish

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The first part of my cardio today was walking intervals in the treadmill. Increasing the incline every minute until I got to the highest incline (15). Don’t hold on to the sides or handles. If you feel off balance, slow your pace. Next is arms. Then finish with 10 min on the stair master and 10 min stretch in the sauna. It’s been about 6 weeks since I’ve worked out daily. Pacing myself. Less intense. My goal is to be heart healthy and increase my fitness. Weightloss/fatloss is the byproduct of my work...ld21daysnatch hearthealthy almost50andfitish 6footer agapelifestyle