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4 days ago

you’re now a freshman and taller than half the boys in high school already, congratulations!🧡 shesgrown 6footer

5 days ago

Ted likes to bring me sticks. He was pretty proud of this stick so I took a picture for him... ted goodboy bigstick 6footer

6 days ago

Of course I struggle, I just don’t quit.

1 week ago

I love a good laugh!!! Watching Episodes of “Martin”! My favorite show!

1 week ago

Can’t believe he’s growing so quickly. I remember one time in the Bahamas 🇧🇸 he kept trying to make me pick him up and I asked, “Messiah how long will pick you up and carry you?” And an elder of an angel appeared and she stopped me and said, “For as long as you can, there will be a day when you won’t be able to do that anymore. Until then carry him for as long as you can”. That small gesture resonated with me and I appreciated every moment of growth and motherhood. It’d be pretty weird to try and pick him up today. Lol. She was right. But that small gesture from a stranger reminded me to enjoy the moments God places us in. nomoremiddleschool 6footer highschoolahead growth blackmenrock boystomen bgr 9thgrade

1 week ago

The deputy again. greenpointseeds greenleafnutrients onebigplantgang 6footer July 4 baby, harvest Yes she is dirty, she is 70’s shaggy but she will be re vegged and give love again and again I’m just happy (sarcasm) that out of a 10 pack greenpointseeds popped 7, six have been male. Good seeds, but if I want to fill my indoor garden with Babies I want some sexy women. Too bad I bought before their fem gem drop 😍 Selling the deputy (bruce banner 3 x stardawg) pollen.

3 weeks ago

Caption this picture ...🗣