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I know its not pretty, but it works very well for being a mason jar and 2 dead vape pens lol. Will be upgraded later on, but this was done in bout 20 mins all together and didnt finish, clean up or decorate with anything yet. sorrynotsorry 420

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Tag An Artist VliveWednesdays ‼️ vlive.atlanta Over 50 Premier Models 💋💋 Food 🥘 Hookahs 💨 Drinks 🍹 $200 Bottles 👈🏾singlereleaseparty 🚩🚩🚩 🎥FreeBirthdayParties ✔️💰💰 Music by: djbigtiny Hosted by: uglymoneyniche Rsvp: 4047931856 only1dlo alvinmays cutdaredtape ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ atl atlanta atlantahiphop a3c filmlife Setlife sxsw 420 dab dabstagram 420girls A3c A3c2k18 showcase Hiphop Atlshows atlnightlife djs producers betawards showcase IndieShowcase Powered by push_management_djs

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i smoke all my weed and then wonder where it went 🤦‍♀️

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Keep your assholes tight Ted voters! November is coming! LATEST POST LINK IN BIO!

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Playing some healing nahkobear for the girls heading into their last week of flower. Perfection. Cannot wait to see the sciece tested results behind the bio365soil and the revolution_micro dual spectrum MH and HPS lighting output! Fed with floraflexnutrients . . . . FloraFlex FloraFlexFlowers . . . indoortrees recreationalmarijuana mmj cannabisculture portlandstoners portlandcannabis oregonweed maryjane pdx pnw  cannabis marijuana 420 medicalmarijuana stoners stonernation picoftheday photooftheday weedlover letsgethigh stonersofinstagram weedporn . stickyicky weedstagram420 hightimesmagazine

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🔵🍪⛽️ Your Lungs Can’t Be A Rookie When It Comes To This Fresh Batch Of Blue Cookie!! (In My humboldtbeginnings Voice) 🔵🍪⛽️🚀🚀Tag your local dispensary or delivery service you would like to see us at!! 🔵🍪⛽️🚀 . . . . Kilogrown privilegepack WhateverWeTouchTurnsToGold BayAreaExotics nopesticides designer DsFInt CLEANMEDS dankshots420 TOPSHELF AAA Gelato Highsociety RAPPERWEED 420 WEED 420Girls LA Oakland NewYork LasVegas Az Detroit Miami Colorado Atlanta BlueCookie TopShelf cannabiscommunity designerfarmsint cookiessf

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🍬 Sour Blueberry (22.7% THC) is an incredibly pungent and solid hybrid strain from primewellnesspa 🔥 . A cross of Subrob's Sour Diesel and Blue Dabney, Sour Blueberry smells of sweet and sour candy, but tastes like a perfect mix of fruity, sweet diesel! 🍇⛽ . Sour Blueberry is honestly one of the best smelling terpene profiles I've ever had the pleasure to smell in my life.👃 . This strain provides a solid hybrid mix of uplifting, euphoric effects at first, but eases into a relaxing and heavy sedation as time passes. 🕟😌 . A great strain to use any time of the day for a little boost in energy and to aid in pain relief! 🌞 Larger doses of Sour Blueberry provides heavy sedation that may help with insomnia. 🛌💤 . Terpene Profile: Terpinolene (0.415%), Limonene (0.196%), B Myrcene (0.185%), B Pinene (0.097%), Pinene (0.069%), B Caryophyllene (0.051%), Linalool (0.050%), Bisabolol (0.015%). 🌸 . medicalmarijuana pa mmj pammj pamedicalmarijuana cannabis indica hybrid sativa thc cbd trichomes terpenes terps weed nugshots 420 710 photography macro cannabisphotography 420photography cannabiscommunity cannabissociety interpening weedmaps hightimes leafly primewellnesspa findyourcure

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Had a great night with my cousin last night! Glad we got in contact and hoping for more great days to follow :) gay translife 420 5:00somewhere

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Connoisseur Guide: Amsterdam (FLIPBOOK PREVIEW) The first book in the cannabis Connoisseur Guide series covers the unique and iconic coffeeshops of Amsterdam. People travel here from all over the world to experience the scene. It is so expansive, however, that few truly have a chance to appreciate it all – until now! CONNOISSEUR GUIDE: AMSTERDAM is the first book to profile all 168 coffeeshops in the city in detail, with shop descriptions, amenities, reviews, and hundreds of vivid photographs. Written by the team at AmsterdamCoffeeshops.com, this book promises to be a hot souvenir and travel item. Book Preview File. Final print book is 6x9" and 352 pp. Coming end of 2018! amsterdam coffeeshops amsterdamcoffeeshop amsterdamcoffeeshops cannabis legalization dispensary edibles dabmoonrocks weed420feed cannabiscommunity igdaily iger igers monday 420 710 indica sativa kush haze cannabisculture like follow share maryjane marijuana travelgram igtravel https://issuu.com/weedful/docs/flipbook?e=0

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This dried and curing WeddingCake is off the chain! Incredibly frosty in this no-flash 📷 picture. They look insane in person. What a beauty of a strain. Can't wait for the cure to bring out the aromas and flavours on these rock hard nugs 💪 Thanks again to sacredcutseedco for the 🔥🔥🔥 . . . prohibitionended keepgrowingcanada 🇨🇦 teamsacredcut sacredcutseedco 420 medicalmarijuana cbd growyourown cannabis marijuana acmpr hightimes bud pot weed ganja kush dank weedstagram instaweed hitsfromthebong legalweed mmjpatient yyccannabis

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What should my costume be for Halloween this year? Comment below and help me decide 👇🏼🎃 New witchy video and photoset coming to AnnaClaireClouds.com

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Thanos dress

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Awkshin!! Short sale again, only 3 hours. 4 sided pattern mini marble with a flat back for display. Starts at $0, $10 minimum increments, no reserve, $100 BIN. Free shipping ($10 international). Good luck, thanks for looking, and happy bidding!

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Thanks for the support wolters420 🤘 you’re gonna love this Philip Legge set 🔥🔥 we still have 1 set left for the same deal today only!