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Happy 13th birthday to the most beautiful, brave, strong-willed & determined girl I know. This time 13 years ago, you came into this world way too early, 13 weeks early to be exact! I didn’t get to see you straight away as they had to rush you off to get you breathing. When I eventually got to see you, you were this tiny, vulnerable little person with transparent skin & small enough to fit in one hand! We were told the next 24 hours would determine whether you survived or not. You had numerous operations in those first weeks & every time we ran the risk of losing you. Even at 3 months still in the incubator when you contracted meningitis & again we thought we’d lose you, you proved us all wrong! Between then & now you’ve had 24 operations & still you come out fighting & stronger than ever before!! Caitlin you make me so proud every day to be your mum & that I get the honour of calling you my daughter! I am so amazed at just how brave & clever & strong you are. You will forever be my hero!!! Love you forever missy may! Love from the proudest mum ever!! birthdaygirl 13today proudmum lovethisgirl brave myhero teenageratlast lovemydaughter 13yearsold

4 hours ago

Happy birthday to me!! 🎁🎉🎁🎉💥💗 13yearsold

7 hours ago

I relate to this sooooo often. So much has went on lately mostly because ITS MY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!! YAAAAAAAAA birthdays 13yearsold blessed

7 hours ago

Thank you guys so much for 2k 💘🙌🏽 here is a sloppy dance we did. I was at a dance studio before I made this video. But I didn’t get to record me and my sister doing this but anyways yeahh. she didn’t even know some on the parts but she did good :): Song : I love it kanyewest lilpump 😛 Choreography: mattsteffanina and joshkillacky 🔥 mattsteffaninachoreography 13yearsold dance iloveit kayceerice seanlew baileysok kensanjose lilpump kanyewest sisters sistertingz by the way I’m the girl in the blue shirt😁💙

8 hours ago

There’s no one in the world that I would rather share my crazy messy life with than my two boys. Some days they make me want to bang my head against a wall🙄😤😱😓,*BUT*, most days they inspire and motivate me😍💗🤩❤️, and they ALWAYS make me laugh!🤣 The drive and determination Noah holds at barely 13 years old amazes me. The kid has had his share of adversity but never gives up👊!! Some days it’s hardly a foot in front of the other. Some days he’s crushing it. He just keeps on keepin’ on regardless. This boy inspires me every single day😍

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Happy birthday Bung! I love u forever❤️ stay happy ...blessing life myson bdayboy 13yearsold

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💥🔥☄️ - - hey guys!! today I was originally doing a sunset sort of look but it kind of turned out like a hot fiery look. I’m not rlly sure if I like it or not but I’m posting it anyway lol - - - dm me if you want the product information😊💕 - - makeup makeuplook glam makeupglam makeuptutorial makeupvideo firstpost 13yearsold 8yearsold sunset parrot explore explorepage minimua mua mue beginnermua likeforlike followforfollow beauty beautycare mylookbook undiscoveredmua

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少しずつ食欲⤴️ この目で分かりますよね😅 鶏胸肉の野菜煮をゼリーで固めたり、無塩うどんや五穀米を投入したり、食べそうな物を投入。スプーン一杯の缶詰🥫もね😜 ハシタナイ足を失礼😅 ホワイトソックス White_Socks フレンチブルドック フレブル frenchbull frenchie frenchbulldog frenchbulldogs buhi シニアドック シニアブヒ 13歳 13yearsold ブヒはなこの記録 2004年組 アンチノール継続中 シニアブヒの遊び方

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These girls came into my life when I was only 13 years old and now here they are 13 already 😩 I love these girl so much they are my minis and I would do anything for them!!🖤🎉🎊🎁 13yearsold cousins birthday family twins

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🎚P H I L L Y🎹P R O D U C E R🎛 📢 📣 Repost ⚠️ from this Young king 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 📍 yungtalentprodz 💿🎹🎹🎹🎹💿 New beat LINK IN BIO 💯💯 go listen! Tag who u hear on this... . yungtalentprodz youngbull dpbeats collab FLStudio 13yearsold 13 yearoftheproducers meekmill nofreebeats trapbeats trapbeat rap nofreebeats youtube lit fire 🔥🔥🔥 litbeats gooutandtry heat li southside famous viral MUSIC producer youngestproduceronthescence

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あんにょん🍀 ちりょうのかいなく うしろあしが まったくうごかなくなった ビンゴ🐶💦 おしっこも あっぱくはいにょうを テツゴロウマルがしてくれ おもらしもあるので オムツデビュー👴🏻 むかししゃちょうが つかっていた おもちゃのカートが ビンゴのあしに へんしんした🐾 すごいぞ テツゴロウマル💮 おやと わたしと ビンゴのかいごを ありがとう❤️ ミニチュアダックスフントもうすぐ13歳椎間板ヘルニア可愛い大切家族MiniatureDachshundHunt Age 13yearsold herniateddisc Foot cute important family 미니어처닥스훈트 13세 추간판탈출증 다리 귀여운 중요 가족 退院して早くビンゴに逢いたいな✨