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1 week ago

Is He is a Beast 💪 trainedbyjp - 👉Yes or No ⁉️

2 weeks ago

5 plates incline machine, 405 lbs for some reps and some machine flys - realworld_tactical

2 weeks ago

ARM DAY joeyswoll - Absolutely destroying biceps hitting some single arm preacher curls as you lower the weight always remember to go slow, control your reps and never forget, it’s all about the SQUEEZE!

3 weeks ago

✅MUST TRY BACK EXERCISE smith.julian - Weighted back hyperextensions- Using an extra wide hand placement and grabbing the plates creating a type of snatch width D grip! Brief pause on the full contraction. - What I love about the snatch grip and extra wide grips in general, is that it doesn't only pull your scapula down, it also pulls them out to the sides! Think for a second.. when is the last time you did an exercise with a grip this wide!? It's an excellent way to take your arms out of the movement putting full focus on your back!