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10 hours ago

A few Sundays ago..🏐 i miss the OG Vball crew but have joined new ones in new beaches ..still yelling, arguing, laughing.. the outcome is always the same: sore bodies and raspy voices the next day.. which only mean it was the best day! 🤾🏽‍♀️ lets play! happysunday

2 days ago

for all ze right szns 🌻 *read w german accent 🌻 also, i need the braids back, this weather is not for frizzy hair humans 🧖🏽‍♀️ frizzyfriday

3 days ago

Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a field, i will meet you there ~ رومی . . . . . . . . A field of compassionate love to embrace all human beings beyond culture, belief, race and gender 🕊 rumi persianpoetry thursdaythoughts

5 days ago

..there‘ll be some love making heart breaking soul shaking...🎶. . . . . . throwback to channeling my inner persian cat 🇮🇷🐱 setitoff meow spaghettisauce

1 week ago

Mademoiselle Genevieve said: „quel jour merveilleux” ⚽️ 3/3 championdumonde2018

1 week ago

Find me at an Ocean near you 🌊 prob in the same outfit, with poofy eyes, waking up from a nap 🌈 1/3 throwbacktoziss

2 weeks ago

the quintessential summer: when nothing can go wrong, other than big waves...or children...or a weird tan line...🧜🏽‍♀️ back in town and back being 100% human after my mermaid transition (all i said was give me big boobs & a tail..and they made me look pregnant) 🧜🏽‍♀️kidsloveme mymuses vacayover

2 weeks ago

This has been a weird World Cup but i’m still hopeful..we are all just extremely divided at this point 😂 cuz my sisters have the worst temper (i dont) & with the time difference, this has effected my vacay mode a lot 😂⚽️ allezlesbleus . . . Who are you rooting for now?

3 weeks ago

The one musician i always wished i could’ve styled and creative directed a music video/ project for esp cuz of his own stylistic expressions...everyone looks the same now or fits into a certain existing category i guess... BUT, since i was too young & missed out on that era (unless he comes back) I am happy there is finally someone else so expressive with bold choices & unusual fashion moments.. ghali hoping i get to work with you some day.. i just have to put this into the universe cuz its freaking inspiring me and also reminding me of Andre3000.. i mean the socks!!! You know i love a good sock moment!🙏🏽 weekendmode forevermuse expressyourself

3 weeks ago

Flashback to my best ‚innocent‘ look.. which has never worked for me cuz everything is written on my face/in my eyes 👼🏻even as an adult (gross), i have not managed wearing a mask or playing the ‘game’ even when i know i could prob benefit from it.. i’m still the same lil boy i used to be 👼🏻 babyshivy fbf aboutaboy