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@shivastyles Sour Fruit Enthusiast/Polyglot/Twin Garment Designer/Stylist🇩🇪/🇮🇷 in🇺🇸 Møshï 👘 Full Time Scorpio🕷Things Maker 🎬 My grid has color

5 days ago

Your favourite Soccer Mum ⚽️ i always end up in the kids section.. and they prob thought i let them win... but i would never ever!!!! 😈 wish u all a happy weekend kids! mymuses

6 days ago

..she taught me how to model & i taught her how to yodel.. 🇺🇸&🇩🇪 . . . None of the above is true .. but i did wanna slap her for bringing me to this fitness/dance class last night.. my body is thankful tho.. javeonnagordon 🤷🏻‍♀️ stayfitmyfriends happyweekend

1 week ago

accurate outfit goals of the day 🌊🏊🏼‍♂️💦 inspiring myself with this cover story i styled for jutemagazine a couple of years ago back in Venice, CA! ☔️ annnddd oh yes posted twice t’day weeeeeiiiiii 👌🏾wetwednesdays styledbymoi

1 week ago

I don‘t wear a lot of black, but when i do its usually this men‘s blazer to ‚chanel‘ my inner Karl 🖤 choupettesdiary nyfw2018

1 week ago

I missed most of nyfw for tiff_net this year which was amazing! But i was able to see a few shows which only motivated me more to finish my own pieces... i used to make kimonos only and sell them on Etsy & IG..i‘ve given away many to my demanding sisters & friends, but this one will stay with me forever! Throwback to shooting this a few weeks ago👘 . . . Behind the Piece: after sketching this and going fabric sourcing in LA, i found this beautiful print and bought it.. i started constructing the pattern and layed it on the fabric just to realize i didnt have enough..this is a ‚border print‘ so its crucial to lay your pattern in a way that makes sense for the design.. anyway i went back and they were out of it, so i was forced to change the pattern construction and use some other gold fabric I had left from a swim wear collection I made.. both textiles are not usually sewn together as the materials don’t naturally agree.. it needed to be backed and enforced for it to work and hold its weight...if you look closely u‘ll be able to see.. and so this is the story of only one piece from developing the idea to producing it... there is so much that goes into designing clothes, esp when u do everything yourself from sketching, pattern making, sourcing, sewing.. and then selling lols.. when you go to a show next time...keep in mind how much work has gone into those pieces! 🧡 shivaxmoshi nyfw2018

1 week ago

He’ll be coming to a screen near you... and i’m here picking his looks 🎬 tiff18 firsttimer lastday