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1 day ago

Just wanted everybody to know that the surgery was a huge success. Have a scar from my ass all the way up to my ribs. Will be in the hospital all weekend though to control this massive pain. As usual can’t wait to get out, looks like I may be going back to rehab but prayerfully home. The look on my face this time is from the happy pain medication.

2 days ago

Here we go again, this is surgery number 10 for me today. This is my third one this year as I had one back surgery in February, a fusion. Then I had another three weeks later to fix the screws that had broken from the surgery in February. I’m hoping and praying that this is my final surgery. I have four broken screws this time around. The Dr told me that he was taking all ten screws that’s in my back now out and replacing them with bigger screws. Hopefully this will fix my breaking screw problem for good. This is the fourth time the screws have broken on me. Say y’all please say a prayer for ya boy. My surgery will be in about two hours from now so I’ll Hollar back after surgery. Oh that look on my face is not from being on medication, that hasn’t happened yet. My wife was telling me to open my eyes.

5 days ago

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1 week ago

💪🏿FLEX Harder than me bro!!! I just want to wish all my boys good luck this weekend on that Olympia Stage! Excited to see who will be taking it home this year! 🤔🏆Who do you all have winning the title?! RCSS TeamRCSS Olympia FlexFriday

1 week ago

I was getting ready for the 1998 Toronto Pro show and I was doing my monthly check in with officialflexwheeler. He was like dude I got the perfect guy to help you get ready for your show. He said he helped me get ready for a couple shows and he’s the best guy I’ve ever worked with. He said his name is Chad Nicholls and he gave me his phone number and said call him. So I called Chad and left a message but he didn’t call me back. I called Flex back a couple days later and said your boy Chad didn’t return my phone call. Flex said call him back till he calls you back because he’s really busy. So I called Chad again and this time he called me back. Chad immediately started changing my diet, my workouts, my cardio. He changed everything I did and completely revamped my prep. I went to the Toronto Pro show and won convincingly with Chads help. That next week I went and competed in the Night of Champions in New York and got the same result that I had gotten at the Toronto Pro show. The next show Chad and I did was the 1998 Mr Olympia. Of course Flex was to be the successor to the throne that Dorian Yates had vacated. I had gotten 9th the year before and never placed in the top 5 at any Olympia contest. So my goal at the 98 Olympia was to make the top 5. Of course we all know how that turned out. I worked with Chad to win 8 in a row. It’s the reason till this day I give Flex a ton of credit for my success. Flex was the reason I won my first pro show in 1995 because he gave me all the advice on how to properly prepare for a pro show. I will be eternally grateful and indebted to Flex for the rest of my life.

1 week ago

It's that time of the year again for the Mr. Olympia Weekend!! Who do you all have taking home the title this year?! 🤔 RCSS TeamRCSS TBT TB OlympiaWeekend

1 week ago

What does your workout stack look like?! RCSS Athlete nimrodz23 stays locked and loaded with his Yeah Buddy Pre-workout & Amino-Tone BCAA Stack! Comment your stack below! RCSS TeamRCSS

1 week ago

Back in 1994 I was sitting in my room in Frankfurt, Germany. We were doing a European tour at the time and of course I wasn’t doing that good at the time. officialflexwheeler had just won the Arnold Classic and was Winning every show and the tour and he wasn’t even dieting. He was eating cheeseburgers and subway sandwiches and here I was eating grilled chicken, grilled fish and just dieting my ass off. So while sitting there in my room I decided I was gonna do what I did in college. If someone was smarter than me then I would always have study sessions with them and learn from them. So I went and knocked on Flex’s door and asked if I could have a talk with him. I kinda got straight to the point and asked Flex exactly what he was taking to look so good and win all these shows. I first told him what vitamins I was taking and at the time I was truly only taking vitamins. Well Flex told me he was taking totally different vitamins than what I was taking. So I took his advice, found books to read on what he was taking. Found out how to take what he was taking, found where to get what he was taking and got the stuff he was taking. After taking what he told me to take I won my very first pro show the next year the 1995 Montreal Pro show. So until this day I’m forever grateful to Flex for his advice and he will always be my best friend in the whole world because he truly changed my life for the better. A lot of people don’t know that he was also the reason I won my very 1st Olympia. That’s a story for another day.

1 week ago

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