Our AC is on the fritz and last night at bedtime the boys were not cozy. So I soaked a washcloth in cooold water and wiped down their feet and legs while I told them about being a teenager living in Arizona and would often wake up hot in the middle of the night. I would go wash my feet in the sink in cold water and it would cool my body temp so much I could go back to sleep. Did you know the head and feet help regulate body temp? Anywho, after I was done Kaelum said, "wow! That feels amazing!" And then stories began and he went to sleep. 🤩 PS, one day when I was living in Phoenix the temp got to 124. So hot they had to close the airport because planes hadn't been tested to land at 124 and they didn't know if the tires would melt. 😳 So, you'll never hear me say its hot out. Warm, yes. Hot, no. 115 and up is hot. 90 is not. But a good cold shower or feet washing in the summer feels good no matter what. 😍 summer hot heat tips family kids bedtime feelsgood feet love


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  • chadmcbain 2 months ago

    Omg yes ! It’s been 110+ every day in Phoenix

  • shellie6094 2 months ago

    Thanks for the tip .... I'm waking up several times a night now with my own person heat waves, power surges, or better known as, "hot flashes". I'll give the cold feet treatment a try!

  • meagan_mcbain 2 months ago

    @chadmcbain soak them feet! 🤩