2/2 The option of keeping a supercar in my garage doesn’t exist, it’s no longer a priority for me to keep an expensive car in my garage just because it’s expensive, and being a finance professional, I can’t live with myself to keep spending money on something I’m not totally bought in on. With the sale I have plenty of money to move around within my garage and personal finances. Now I’m not struggling financially, but I’m protecting what I value and keeping my priorities in line before anything gets out of my control. Sure I can comfortably spend a good amount of money on a car, but I don’t really see the point of doing that when the warranty and required maintenance is through the roof. I wish I could keep a supercar, but it just doesn’t fit my lifestyle. I have a few ideas on what to fill the last garage spot with, but I’m not totally decided. Right now I have the Raptor, RX-7, Supra, Civic, and S2K. Like I said I really gave considerable thought to just switching between high dollar supercars, but it just doesn’t seem necessary to me. Plus, this gives me additional funds to share something new with y’all. Thanks for all the support! forza forzahorizon4 makeforzalookreal automotivephotography xbox xboxone forzashare forzaphotography gaming car cars virtualphotography forzatography audi audir8 r8 turbo racecar


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  • rh_classics 1 month ago

    Well said, I agree! More money, more mods👍