Not only is photography my hobby but I also enjoy playing pool. Believe it or not, it consists of alot of science and mathematics from physics, momentum, & trajectory (to be perfectly honest, I dont understand all of this) to geometry and mathematics of the angles of which the balls hit. Math has always been a strong suit for me and this hobby is the only thing that will consume my brain. I started playing as a teenager but started on a league when I was working. Having a job in which it was up to me to control chaos, I could not shut off at the end of the day and this has always worked. It still is my go to when I need to stop thinking or "shut down" for a while. pooltable billiards poolhall recreation poolplayer sport poolhalljunkie pool billiard instabilliard poolshark poolplayers poolcue cueball eightball tenball 8ballpool 10ball


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