January is an amazing month because everyone is always full of such fresh ambition and goals! Did you make any resolutions for this year? What's scribbled into your planner for this month? : : Right now when you subscribe to my Vip List you can download my 2020 Printable Calendar layout for free 💕 You can subscribe over on deannakei.com ~ the link is in my bio deannakei_illustrations : : Also, I’m looking to work with a planner lover who can take some amazing layout photos! Mine are too washed out. Dm me! : : : : : fashiondesignsketch fashiondraw fashionsketching dailyplanner fashionsketches etsysellers fashionsketchbook eventartist fashionbloggerstyle femaleartists fashionartist plannerfreebie plannerfriends dailyillustration nyinstagram nyfashion femaleillustrator fashionsketching fashiondesigners livesketching plannerfriends plannerlovers livefashionillustration plannerspread planneraddicts plannergirl plannerprintables fashionillustrator plannerpages plannerbabe


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  • courtneyhiersche 1 month ago

    I did make a goal and so far so good! My goal was to paint more and I’m rocking it.

  • theartofjonicholson 1 month ago

    No resolutions but little baby step goals that I’m loving!

  • hopacho 1 month ago

    My calendar is full already!

  • azbellavida 1 month ago

    I’m just plodding along getting it done little by little.

  • britttaa 1 month ago

    Making and putting out more music ✨

  • nails_n_string 1 month ago

    Oooo, heading over to sign up. Calendars are my favorite

  • tresislame 1 month ago

    This car omg

  • elatiamusic 1 month ago

    Wow what fun calendars! Would look beautiful on a gorgeous desk! So far I really just use my iCal

  • liisigordejevart 1 month ago

    It’s true! I have so many ideas! My resolution is to work on large canvases this year

  • paulaloomisart 1 month ago

    No resolutions for me!

  • dekeraktmusic 1 month ago

    Just to stay away from candy, which is hard bc I’m an addict of it

  • caninesoncanvas 1 month ago

    Such a positive observation about January ❤️

  • thesassygnome 1 month ago

    My birthday month, yay!

  • r3emcd3e 1 month ago

    Looks good! My kids and I took on a bunch of sewing projects for jan🤗

  • bessmoroart 1 month ago

    I did make some resolutions and they are going well so far!

  • mellowpaints 1 month ago

    Yes I made several resolutions ❤️ hoping to stick with them!

  • thearcturiansmusic 1 month ago

    🤤 looks so good holy

  • alifya_lifestyle 1 month ago

    Your cat is adorable!

  • dvremusic 1 month ago

    love how this is designed!

  • torres_artist 1 month ago

    love these template designs!

  • _vanwinklephoto_ 1 month ago

    So many goals for this year!

  • tracychalkartist 1 month ago

    I love this calender, the illustrations are lovely!

  • skellytn 1 month ago

    These look so useful for staying organized 🙌

  • fabrictwist 1 month ago

    January has been crazy busy for me, so much inspiration.