Cuba, 2+2=5. Jacinto, carpenter. La Habana Vieja, Cuba. - Jacinto has been his entire life linked to the carpentry manufacture. He enjoys his job, -which is highly demanded-, especially when he solves people’s problems efficiently and beautifully. - havanastreets cubatravel xploreyourhood streetphotomag 35mmphoto take_magazine onbooooooom exploreobserveshare urban_shots thecreatorclass worldviewmag lacalleesnuestracolectivo paradisaeamag noicemag ourmag ourmomentum rawurbanshots taintedmag paradisaeart imaginarymagnitude anotherescape classicsmagazine somewheretravel nowherediary portraitvision_ somewheremagazine streethunters fromthestreetswithlove


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