Elliot @lem0n._.rat 1 month ago

Hey! I'm opening my art trades. Just comment or DM me with your art examples and which slot you want! This is NOT first come first serve! . Shaded Headshots: 1. 2. . . Fullbodies: 1. . Imay add more slots! I will watrermark the image until you finish. When you are done with your half, I will unwatermark it for you because of past experiences. . . . arttradesopen arttrades tradesopen drawingstrades drawingtradesopen arttrade arttradeopen wolfartwork myart art mydrawing mydrawings drawing drawings myartwork artwork furry furryoc fursona fursonas furryart furryartwork fursonaartwork fursonadrawing furrydrawing fursonadrawings furrydrawings freeart arttrequests fcfsart


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