I was sitting on a bench laid on the seashore, With cool breeze touching my face, And the calming waves dancing before my eyes... I was completely lost in my own world when, I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder... It was a face I remembered at the first look, A face I saw for the first time after so many years... The first time we met was at school, When we were around fifteen... We used to go to same school, But were of different classes... One fine evening he came up to me, After class and said "we need to talk."... We were in the park near our school, Climate was all good and cool... After few minutes of awkward silence, Except for the breeze and vehicle horns... He suddenly whispered something in my ear, Maybe it was something like he loves me... But even before I could ask or say anything, A screeching car came out of nowhere, And suddenly halted infront of us... It was my dad, he called me in And for some reason we moved out of town... And that was the last time I met this guy, I still regret not saying any reply or even a good bye... And now after so many years, We meet again all of a sudden... We couldn't say a word, Except hi to each other... It was our eyes, That had all the talks... He asked for my hand, And we walked down The beach with complete silence Just hand in hand Letting our eyes have all the conversations... Follow me lostgirl_from_heartstrings Follow me lostgirl_from_heartstrings Follow me lostgirl_from_heartstrings love instagood instamood igers girl beautiful instadaily instagramhub follow igdaily bestoftheday broken picstitch nofilter followme poemsindia poetsofinstagram poetrygasm poetryisnotdead


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