3 trades today, 0,5% risk per trade.. Gained 1,7%. 0,8% in EU, 0,2% in GOLD and 0,7% in GJ. If you took them with me when I published on stories you would’ve made some good money. I should probably have closed the gold trade sooner, but it was still a good trade. The EU and GJ trade took some patience but it paid off. Ending the week at 7,5%. Monday: -0,2% 2 loss and 1 win, (EU and gold) Tuesday: +2,1%- 2 wins, (EU) Wednesday: -0,2% - 2 losses (gold, EU), 2 break even (GOLD, EU) 1 winner: EU… Thursday: +4,5% - 1 win(EU), Friday: +1,7% (3 wins, GJ,GOLD,EU) Wins: 8 (57%) Losses: 4 (28%) BE: 2 (15%) ... tnttrading forexlife forextrader seeingifhashtagsspikesmyfolowers forextrade forexmoney forexanalysis forextips EU EURUSD tradingveiw forex nakedforex trading priceaction investing investment fxtrading forexprofit forexeducation pips learntotrade mt4 forexcharts learnforex metatrader forexinvestment tradingstrategy forexsignaltrading


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