Celebrating a small win this morning . I’m leaving for work and holding the door wide open for Nikka to dash out if she wanted to as I didn’t give her any place or stay command. Instead she sat herself down calmly waiting for me get out so she can go back to sleep . 😄 . In the past , Nikka had bolted out the door and one time straight into the elevator . Ever since then we put a play pen enclosure by the door so it wouldn’t happen again (or so we thought 😅) We were so used to having the gate there that we neglected to work on their threshold training . So we decided to take out a the gate and do just that - it’s great to see the work is paying off. . . 柴犬 shibainu しばいぬ しばけん shibaken nikka 莉嘉 kirin nikkatheshiba shibasoftoronto torontoshibas shibanikka shibakirin shibaofinstagram dogsoftoronto shibapuppy 柴柴 nikkashiba 赤柴 kirintheshiba nikkathedestroyer 破壞王の莉嘉 shibainubsoftoronto shibaeshiboo shibae shiboo


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