I love having motivational quotes dashboards throughout my planner, and this is one of my favorites. It really resonates with me because I tend to lose motivation when I have a large task ahead of me and don't feel inspired on how to start. Saying this to myself helps me remember that all the times I've felt inspired is when I've been hard at work, rather than overthinking or postponing a task. This exact quote was all over my bullet journal for the entire year that I was working on my thesis in undergrad, and now it's back! (Yes, I was a bujo girl some 3 years ago 😄) Do you have favorite motivational quotes that have stood the test of time? Or do yours change more frequently? Either way, let know what they are! (But I can't promise I won't steal them 😂) P.S. This dashboard is also in my shop, in case you haven't seen it! 💕 . . . . . . . . plannergirl plannergirls plannerobsessed motivationalquotes plannerdashboard plannermotivation inspirationalquotes plannerinspiration plannerinserts printabledashboards plannerprintables plannerprintable studentmotivation studentplanner studentproblems plannerlove plannerlover dashboardlayout plannerdashboards insidemyplanner functionalplanning minimalplanning thriveonplans


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