Litoral ( Bird’s eye view series ) Miniature watercolor and ink by Gilbert Medam. 60x80mm. I made this painting and others in the same series, some 30 years ago. In most of my landscape paintings you’ll notice two tiny birds flying free in the sky. In these bird’s eye view we see the landscape/seascape through the eyes of the birds. The exciting part is when you start from blank paper, create an organic form, and fill it with layers or colors, details, textures. Because you have no plan , the tip of the brush is like the birds flying here and there, as the painting is being created and its spirit being revealed. You can go on or stop anytime. Each time it is a fascinating journey and wonderful feeling. art artwork artistsoninstagram artist aerial abstract blue turquoise rock litoral water sea birdeyeview handmade earth beautiful travel nature inspiration freedom wonderful life ink watercolor winsorandnewton


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