16NOV2019 . //”Leave me a stray, catch you in my system I've been waiting, show me to your kingdom We can find a place, hold me till the dawn Million miles away, I'm already gone”// Works been so distracting, I didn’t get the time to think. It’s not a solution though. I don’t want to be a fish in an aquarium. But for now, this will have to do. My mind feels very clear. I like that. . //”Just let me in, I'm in your sunlight I love the way it makes me come alive I wanna stay lost in your paradise Don't wanna be found You've got me floating now”// Music that gets you up... That’s all I need in my life. 🤙 . Days are simple. It’s not boring though. JW is familiar. JW is basically a comfort zone. I’m having fun. For now, that’ll do. . P.S. This song though. Damn. . . anxiety anxietyrelief againstallodds relatable journaling lifeisbeautiful mentalhealthawareness mentalhealth stress stressfree stressrelief balance carpediem itsokaynottobeokay mindfulness whereismymind life figuringitout gettingmylifeback feelinghappy itgetsbetter translatingmyself thistooshallpass toomanyhashtags


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