Here it is!!! The first picture from my final project in my photography class. (so expect more pictures!) For this assignment, we had to pick a photographer and use their work to gather inspiration and take pictures of our own. For my photographer, I chose Francesca Woodman. Born in 1958, Francesca would take compelling images using a slow shutter speed to get these amazing pictures. I had a lot of fun doing our last shutter speed assignment so I knew I wanted to pick her when it came time for this assignment. Lemme know whatcha think.✨🥰 • • • film filmcamera filmcameras photography photographer photooftheday artist artistsoninstagram photographersofinstagram school shadows leadinglinesphotography leadinglines chaos perspective blackandwhitephotography frame longexposure exposures dslrphotography comment commentbelow blackandwhite portrait shutterspeed shutterspeedphotography shutterspeedcreations francescawoodman inspiration


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