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  • yellowsunflowercrochet 1 month ago

    Honestly, love those classic old school big ass spoiler.

  • skye_mcguirk_8 1 month ago

    What I’m wondering is this a sneak peek that dodge is coming back in 2021 because the orange out lining on the car is the same as a charger and with Joey Logano testing the car he would not be driving a chevy but Penske will work with dodge we seen it in the past with brad winning the championship with a dodge there a lot of things that line up perfectly for this to happen I’m just hoping it does happen because we don’t need a manufacture like Honda join the sports we need America manufactures join the sport Toyota is the only exception right now because most there fatalities in the US then japan I’m not getting my hopes up just yet but I am excited for what could happen in the future

  • tpol76 1 month ago

    Drivers will love the smaller spoiler...

  • salty.designz 1 month ago

    That’s a good thing

  • aealey53 1 month ago

    Love it

  • nick18racing 1 month ago


  • tbcarlingjr 1 month ago

    For the love of god guys, it's NOT A DODGE

  • kmr98_ 1 month ago


  • carloscam21 1 month ago

    any one have a clue between lap time differences

  • hayden_odell_19 1 month ago

    Who else liked the big spoiler

  • theroadrunner88_24_3 1 month ago

    Pls do not bring back the small spoiler

  • nick_r94 1 month ago

    Please bring back the smaller spoiler that big one was dumb as shit

  • alexberezenko 1 month ago

    possibly for short tracks they gonna use smaller spoiler

  • rob_salle 1 month ago

    They should just give the car dodge Daytona/superbird spoilers just to piss off the people who like things to be smaller😱😂

  • carter_versluis 1 month ago

    Anyone else see the dodge in the front end?

  • 25adrianperez 1 month ago

    The first one is too big, but the second one is too small.

  • jamallovesava 1 month ago

    Why a smaller spoiler? That's just like last year

  • swiggins99 1 month ago

    Bring back the HP and let it be about driving again. Wide open on the cookie tracks is dumb.

  • the_d_man_14 1 month ago

    Give me little wang please.

  • geoff11magister 1 month ago

    Sounds interesting. But will it use it on super speedway using the small spoiler. Depends on aerodynamics.

  • mrkristinkiger 1 month ago

    I still see side skirts and splitter.....🤦🏼‍♂️

  • trasmith3 1 month ago

    Can we please go back to the classics? I mean seriously yes I understand the sport is trying to keep up with modern technology and everything but nascar wonders why a lot of people stopped watching it and it’s not because drivers are retiring but more on the side of their fucking up the sport with rule changes every year and the way the car is made like for real nascar please start racing classic stock cars again

  • jeremyross2519 3 weeks ago

    That’s like the Chevy ss