Flintlock! A red beefcake appears. 👀 I really enjoy drawing Flint, and I know y'all seem to enjoy him as well. (Kinda surprised at just how much tbh.) This was more so just a quick drawing and out of random. Flint is also a little smaller here than he should be, so he could be around 2 1/2 years old or so. Whatever works. . . . sso starstable starstableedit ssoedit ssogolden goldenhills goldenhillsvalley horses horse equine equines game games gameart ssoart starstableonlineart starstableart


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  • its.__.olivia_ 3 weeks ago

    Omggg handsome bby😭😍😍💕

  • moodyymoods 3 weeks ago

    😍 he baby

  • countrystyle_livin 3 weeks ago


  • elizeventing 3 weeks ago


  • elizeventing 3 weeks ago

    I’m sorry😂 this is so cute tho!

  • tyra.wolfwell 3 weeks ago

    Pretty boy lookin good 😍

  • katelinj_artist 3 weeks ago

    Very strong color and conveys a handsome horse. Something to truly to admire. There is so much emotion which comes through this horse love it so much

  • bellaattersoll 3 weeks ago

    What do you think of the Morgans being taken away from Firgrove? Or am I just having a glitch? 😂

  • sso.waterknight 3 weeks ago

    super cute! wow!! i’m amazed😍

  • geii2ge 3 weeks ago

    Holy heCK this is ASTOUNDING!!! 💕💕

  • eggsinsoysauce 3 weeks ago

    Looks like spirit style omggg

  • chasethebreeze 3 weeks ago

    You....drew this!? 😱😱

  • yumyumdogsqushytummeddraggoes 2 weeks ago

    Brahh Brahh, id just like to say i really adore your artstyle and talent and have major respect for you---Damn, I really love your artstyle, it's so cool!I'mma have to request or art trade you A\

  • rxzzy._ 2 weeks ago

    Officer Earl - FLINTLOCK WOOD