As much as you may love a person, sometimes you have to respect the message that their actions are telling you and respond accordingly. It takes a mature and Christlike attitude to approach a person when things have gone wrong and thrash them out, but some people prefer to just suddenly be off with you, without even giving you the opportunity to defend or explain yourself. When your efforts of reconciliation (according to scripture) prove futile, it is OK to love them from a distance for the sake of your own sanity and wellbeing. If a person loves you as they say they do, efforts should be reciprocated and issues resolved amicably. If said love doesn't do that, then maybe it was never really love to begin with. Guard your heart desperately and relentlessly. When it comes to people, you may be disappointed but never ever be surprised. As we grow, we learn. life DailyWord encouragement Jesus mind inspiration faith restoration feelings God love hope overcome bible selflove dailydevotional disappointment reconcile scripture wwjd Christlike


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