I, Mark Sharbel only follow the Holy Trinity “One God”, The Saints and Holy Angels. I really enjoy seeing the posts you guys do, you all have such a unique beautiful life, really fun and great to see. so many people i was following are so smart and intelligent. I can see a lot have a great future ahead of you. And i hope you all do. Keep it up ! May God Bless you all according to God’s Will. If you guys use Facebook Add me on there “Mark Sharbel Nikollaj” of course if i notice you on there i will add you also. Or follow my other instagram account _soberenity_ , i will definetely follow back. i still love to see what you guys get up to! I don’t wanna miss out on all the fun, knowledge and wisdom I get from many. Im just representing my values, this is my profile and i’m just expressing who i am. Much love 🥰, May god bless you all full of life with health, success and most importantly constant smiles❤️ I am aware that i may lose followers myself for this but i recommend you stay connected with me, my posts will help you reach Heavens Gate, if you’re willing to listen and understand. Remember, God Blessed us life here on Earth, to prepare for Heaven🙏🏼


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