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  • akeminmin72 4 weeks ago

    So cute and heartwarming!❤

  • murphythebeagle207 4 weeks ago

    OMG YES!!! 🙌❤️🙏🏼

  • chatbazou 4 weeks ago

    Joli chien❤️, abonnez-vous à ma page😉🐶

  • pandashmanda 4 weeks ago


  • xaebb 4 weeks ago

    Just had a look at your account 😺 and liked most of the photos especially recents ones 👏

  • louie.pippa.cavapoo 3 weeks ago


  • narco_frenchie 3 weeks ago

    Adorable 😍🐾

  • diorpets 3 weeks ago

    Hey cutie ❤️ 🐕🐾, We really like your Instagram 🐾 and we were wondering if you are interested in modeling our products 💙Please DM us for more details ⚡

  • kisslawana 3 weeks ago


  • fasta_family_samoyeds 3 weeks ago

    Привет! 😍🐾 Какие вы классные! А у нас самоеды и мейн-кунчик. 🤗 Давайте дружить! ❤️

  • narco_frenchie 3 weeks ago

    Adorable 😍🐾

  • joyceworld_artworks 3 weeks ago

    ✋🏽good day 🖌🖌I’m a graphic designer I make logos,flyers,mixtape covers, cartoon music video 🎨🎨let’s work bet you like my prices 🏖🏖

  • winniythemodel 3 weeks ago

    Hi cutie 😍 if we give you free bandana collar,  would you accept sharing your picture wearing it and  tag us?  If yes please check out the link in my bio. 🐶❤

  • _artemida_drat_ 3 weeks ago

    Привет, давай дружить? У тебя очень красивый профиль📸😍

  • the.gallery.of_sam 3 weeks ago

    I love dogs ❤️❤️

  • pets.unlimited_ 2 weeks ago

    Hey there! 🐾🐶 We fell in love with your profile. We were wondering if you would like to join our brand representative family! ❤️ and model our products. Please DM us for more details.