• Where do you want to Go? onadate Take Me to Your Heart,😁🤭Lol just kidding✌ Suddenly..I miss him!🤗😘 . Special video with Jang Keun Suk on a date with..the eel! he filmed it in the beginning of March 2017 at his home and He showed the clip on his Gift FMs and Cri Present FM that. video from https://www.facebook.com/209891852356142/posts/3912967955381828/?sfnsn=wiwspmo&extid=NijiDR9KAIze3X6z&d=n&vh=e . . . . . . . . jangkeunsukactorsingermodelmuzicmusiciansongwriterdirector photohansomepicturesphotoartinstafashionlovequotesphotophotodaytravelerwonderfulskynaturesealakel4llike4likeslikeforlikesinstapicいいね返しは絶対いいね返し


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