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@officialslystallone Writer, director, actor , producer, horseman,painter, hyper, loving parent, husband.

2018-10-23 04:20:20

Sometimes life looks great going backwards

2018-10-22 16:31:32

My Legacy is never give up, never give in, never give out #mycreed. What is yours ?

2018-10-22 06:31:17

A Writer’s job is never done...Still working on the screen play in between shots of operating an earth mover... #rambo5 @carlfbucherer

2018-10-19 13:02:21

Lost in thought... #rambo5

2018-10-18 09:04:30

No beast so fierce as a man pushed to the edge... #rambo5

2018-10-17 01:44:38

Another incredibly rare shot. Slowly fading away. From ROCKY 4 … I remember this day when Drago a.k.a.Dolph Lundgren Was pounding away at my body. Very strong individual. This was definitely one the toughest physical experiences of my life, especially when you’re Directing at the same time. But the end result was worth it and I love and thank everyone involved in making this amazing experience possible ...Now go out and see Creed 2 this Thanksgiving for another amazing experience!Keep punching , my friends. @mgm_studios # #creed2 @dolphlundgren #rockybalboa1976

2018-10-15 21:14:05

Super rare… Just came across this. These were the original colors Rocky was supposed to wear in the 1st fight with Apollo , But I change them at the last moment. Forget the shoes. Just the trunks

2018-10-12 13:34:15

A little painting of my good friend That I did a while back... Don’t miss CREED 2 this Thanksgiving!!! #creed2 @mgm_studios

2018-10-11 10:19:20

Rambo’s “small knife “ He is still making the BIG one... both of these blades were beautifully designed by #dietmarpohl

2018-10-09 16:15:58

Rambo’s man cave…@rambomovie #rambo5

2018-10-04 23:26:24

It’s so rewarding after so many years in the Biz to be truly excited about being in an extraordinary scene. @rambomovie #rambo5

2018-10-02 18:36:57

... Comes a Horseman Wild and Free. @rambomovie #rambo5

2018-10-02 17:01:58

Tonight we start filming…!

2018-09-30 09:51:10

In Egypt at the El Gouna film Festival. It’s a new festival but a wonderful one! Thank you, To the festival organizers,you were great hosts… and thank you to the people of Egypt, everyone I met there was so warm and helpful! Plan to go back and visit the pyramids SOON! !Now on to Rambo!

2018-09-29 08:16:00

Having a little fun with Florian Munteanu who plays Viktor Drago in CREED 2 ... Fast and super strong... Great guy and hard worker... Does an wonderful [email protected]_studios #creed2

2018-09-27 03:00:56

“Okay , let’s up this game ! “. COMING THANKSGIVING! ! @mgm_studios #creed2

2018-09-26 14:31:30

KEEP PUNCHING!!! @mgm_studios #creed2

2018-09-25 23:03:11

DOWN THE HATCH! ...OUR FIRST POUR! Coming your way soon !!! A river of Smooth Bourbon! A secret project for years !!!

2018-09-25 14:02:30

When I’m about to do a film like RAMBO , I tried to get a feeling for the internal mood on canvas .... What the character is going through, how he is dealing with his demons, his PTSD...

2018-09-24 23:05:38

3 days left to go… And the adventure begins…Rambo 5 Comes alive.

2018-09-23 17:47:58

Another one I like ... It is painted on top of the Rocky script that I cut into pieces and pasted on... The words mean a lot to me... #painting #rocky

2018-09-23 14:10:26

... expressing myself through paint on a Sunday morning...

2018-09-22 21:57:08

Enjoying a day at home ... hitting the road soon…#rambo @slystalloneshop

2018-09-21 16:54:52

Leaving to start Rambo in about five days!! Even though I hate it , all Serious and balanced strength starts with the abs…Fire in the gut! @rambomovie @slystalloneshop @bradsiskind @gunnarfitness

2018-09-19 15:58:17

Hang on ! Rambo will be saddling up soon!

2018-09-18 14:10:29

To my long time friend Henry Winkler Who finally won his much deserved EMMY after 40 plus In the business! I vividly remember working with him on those cold streets in Brooklyn almost 47 years ago !!! He was a super talented class act then and even more of one now !!! #lordsofFlatbush

2018-09-17 17:06:08

Sometimes you just have to hang onto your life by your fingertips and hope for the best !! @gunnarfitness @bradsiskind #cliffhanger @rambomovie

2018-09-15 02:57:10

Hummmm @sophiastallone ... there is a slight resemblance.

2018-09-14 18:09:48

“ ... Often The War going on inside the Mind is more brutal the one going on outside ..... Sometimes the most dangerous enemy you will ever face is yourself“. @rambomovie

2018-09-13 17:35:55

My daughter SISTINE at the amazing gym RUMBLE in Los Angeles! She loved it! Proud of you! RUMBLE YOUNG LADY RUMBLE [email protected]_boxing