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These are two of the most incredible real flesh and blood heroes that ever existed! You must read this book and you fully will understand the words , True Bravery.

2 days ago

Every day is, Happy Father’s Day!

3 days ago

Look who I ran into a few moments ago jcvd , One of the greats!

4 days ago

Sneak attack on sophiastallone the “Beauty Parlor!””

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As creed number two comes to an end it makes me reflect back on the good old days when it all started…rockybalboa slystalloneshop

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You never know who you’re going to come across in the museum.sistinestallone

1 week ago

This wonderful little fellow was released into the desert moments later , He originally wanted to be my stand in but I told him that unfortunately , it was our last day.

1 week ago

... just adopted a very large dog - Named him Buffalo Wings , sadly not yet housebroken

1 week ago

This is going to be a GREAT film ! Michael B Jordon and Tessa Thompson are brilliant and director stevencaplejr is doing an Extraordinary job. Wonderful vision!mgm creed2

1 week ago

Had a great lunch with absolutely the best POUND OF POUND fighter in the world today! The Ukrainian super champion VASILY LOMACHENKO , you should never missed one of his fights because he is truly the most super natural boxer in the last half century, truly a born fighting machine! Absolutely amazing to watch!