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@nike If you have a body, you are an athlete. #justdoit

2020-01-16 17:00:50

“Everyone deserves the right to be well. It’s just a matter of investing in it.” @nicoleacardoza is invested in helping close the wellness gap. ⠀ Thanks to a donation based yoga class in college, Nicole was able to feel at home in her body for the first time. Ever since, she’s made it her mission to help others experience the same. ⠀ Whether introducing kids to mindfulness in school through @yogaFoster, or investing in underestimated entrepreneurs through @ReclamationVentures, she’s helping change the landscape of wellness for good. ⠀ Because Yoga should not have a type. Yoga is for all.

2019-12-22 17:01:30

“When we started to play we were in elementary school, we must’ve been around 12 years old. And well, we’re still together.” - Adela Meet Hoops Abuelas, a crew of 16 women proving the only number that really matters is the one on your jersey. Hailing from Orizaba, Mexico, the team has been playing since 1952, and credits their skills, values, and sisterhood for keeping them strong for the past 67 years. #JustDoIt ⠀ Watch “In Good Company: Hoops Abuelas” on @nikewomen’s IGTV. ⠀ 🎥: @changeme2012 📸: @asdavidelliott

2019-12-19 15:18:08

Just a kid from Akron, building a legacy that extends far beyond the basketball court. ⠀ @kingjames is using the power of sport to help change the game for every kid from Akron and beyond. His story will never be repeated, and that's exactly the point. #JustDoIt

2019-12-11 16:59:55

“We’re brothers, we shared the same room when we were kids. The fact that there were two future players in that same room who would be lucky to have great careers is remarkable.” - @marcgasol ⠀ “It is a lot of fun. We just feel so lucky, you know. That two brothers, doing what we love, at the level that we have achieved, it’s very rare.” - @paugasol ⠀ Pau and Marc Gasol first picked up a basketball in a small suburb of Barcelona, Sant Boi De Llobregat. From here they would start their journey to the NBA, FIBA World Championships and their ultimate goal – inspiring the next generation to live a healthier lifestyle. ⠀ Whether through the Gasol Foundation or Basquet Girona, the Gasol brothers know their legacy is bigger than basketball. ⠀ This is their Birthplace of Dreams. #justdoit

2019-12-10 09:47:43

“When I’m swimming, I’m living in the moment. I’m so mindful, I just connect with nature.” - @redseacitizen, Scuba Diving Instructor One dive and Nouf Alosaimi was hooked. Now she’s an instructor, teaching women how to scuba dive and showing the world how to protect our oceans. #justdoit

2019-12-01 13:52:16

⠀ ⠀ “I was born in Breda, but it's the things I’ve overcome on my journey from there that have made me the player I am today." - @virgilvandijk Virgil Van Dijk was a football-obsessed kid playing on cage courts near his southern Holland home. Years later and with many challenges overcome, he's a European Champion and recognized as the world’s best defender. This is his Birthplace of Dreams. #justdoit

2019-11-27 15:09:27

"Everyone thinks I carry her, but she's the one carrying me." ⠀ @de11edonne is an All-Star, a two-time MVP, a gold medalist, a WNBA champion and a sister on a mission to make sport more accessible for every athlete. #JustDoIt

2019-11-20 12:54:40

“All dreams come from here, they come from the dust.” - @castersemenya800m ⁣ ⁣ Caster’s dream started on the dusty roads of rural Limpopo, on the track in Polokwane and on the podiums of the world’s biggest stages. ⁣ ⁣ But before that it started with family, respect and self-belief. ⁣ ⁣ Now Caster is starting the dream again with her newly founded athletics club @Masai_AC.⁣ ⁣ This is her Birthplace of Dreams.

2019-11-19 01:03:38

“It seemed too far, too crazy, too hard. But we never thought it was impossible.” ⠀ Thai superstars @rachwinwong and @artiwara ran over 2,000 kilometers across Thailand – that’s one marathon a day for 55 days – to raise awareness about the country’s healthcare problems. ⠀ But this was not the only finish line out there for them. It’s just the start of their crazy dream to change the world for the better, one run at a time. #justdoit

2019-11-11 17:31:01

“If you’ve got a wall in your way, don’t jump over it. Knock it down.” @shaquem_griffin ⠀ Some see an obstacle and go around it. Shaquem goes through it. Collaborating with the team at Nike, a customized football cleat was developed that can provide the opportunity for every athlete do the same. #FlyEase

2019-11-06 16:58:42

“Before I was Saquon Barkley the football player, these are the people who loved me first.” - @saquon ⠀ If you want to know who Saquon Barkley is, you’ve got to go way back. ⠀ Back before he won the NFL's Rookie of the Year award. Before he became Penn State rushing royalty. Even before he ran into Whitehall High School’s record books. ⠀ Before all of that, Saquon's story began on the blacktop of The Bronx. ⠀ This is his Birthplace of Dreams. #justdoit

2019-11-04 20:19:19

Helden features a new generation of German athletes, who work hard on and off the pitch, on the track and in their communities. They don’t just focus on the win, they pave the way for others and push culture in a positive direction. ⠀ We believe in a world in which everyone can become a hero, leveraging the powerful platform sport provides to those who speak up. ⠀ You never do it just for yourself. (Du tust es nie nur für dich.) #justdoit