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2020-03-28 13:57:38

Sambar Deer couple .. when female told I am behind you 😊😊 . Made a short video about our travel https://youtu.be/rxqSYplr4Zk , alternatively in youtube search for kavisimi and find Bandhavgarh diaries vol. 1 . . . . @wildtrails_recent_sightings @natgeoindia

2020-03-23 06:16:27

Purple rumped sunbird WFH, Homelocked from last 8 days and will continue this until further notice from government , hence posting image from archive, this image is from my early day photography time , those were the time when i along with @simiotography starts for birdwatching early morning 5 am with little bit of snacks , mostly we used to go outskirts of Bangalore , whole day we used to spent in the lap of nature, it was fun and memorable time, watching these colorful beauties was really a stress buster. Hope to resume such activity in near future very soon. . . .

2020-03-18 06:39:39

Tusk and Trunk . . . . . #bandhavgarhtigerreserve #bandhavgarh #bandhavgarhpicsbykavisimi #bandhavgarhnationalpark #wildmadhyapradesh #indianwildlifeofficial #indianafricanwildlife #natgeowild #elephant #elephants #wildlife #nature #travel #animals #photography #africa #safari #kerala #elephantlove #love #followforfollow #wildlifephotography #elephantlover #animal #elephantsofinstagram #elefante #follow4follow #travelphotography #naturephotography #photooftheday

2020-03-17 06:48:51

Rare Porpita porpita, but the day we saw they were in quite a number , high tide push them near shore and we were able to see this visual. . . . . . . @indianwildlifeofficial @natgeowild

2020-03-12 06:51:07

It was a great experience to photograph such enthusiast runners during women's day run 2020 organized by NEB with team @shutterstories.blr Check your images in NEB official site : https://www.nebsports.in/womensday-run/index.html Please check few images from our website : http://shutterstories.in/womens-day-run-bengaluru-2020/

2020-03-11 05:48:29

Isnt he treat for eyes😊😊☺️. Here is mighty chota bhim , off course not mightier than his father "Bhim" , but i got goosebumps with his few minutes of sight. . . . . @animalplanetindia @naturein_focus @natgeoyourshot @wildtrails_recent_sightings

2020-03-06 04:35:49

Some 🐒 Business Gray langur kids showing aggression to each other when their play did not go well , tried motion blur effect here. @indianwildlifeofficial @indian.african.wildlife @wildtrails_recent_sightings @naturein_focus

2020-03-01 06:07:41

Some guys can turn their head 180 degree backward 😳😳, do not try this at home 😆😅. This is Crested serpent eagle thing and this might bird learned this stuff in expert supervision 😊.

2020-02-28 15:36:24

The jungle owlet also known as barred jungle owlet. This guy suddenly appeared on one of the branch and posed for few minutes, Happy to spot this little guy. . . . . . @wildtrails_recent_sightings @natgeowild

2020-02-18 06:55:35

It was great morning in great surroundings when Chota Bhim appeared and stared at us, managed to get rim light on such majestic muscular beauty. Chota bhim really made my day. . . . . . @animalplanetindia @naturein_focus @natgeoyourshot @wildtrails_recent_sightings

2020-02-16 05:11:57

Queen during her morning stroll. During winter sighting is difficult but lighting throughout the day is just amazing , one can get advantage of back light with warm tone around the day. . @wildtrails_recent_sightings @indian.african.wildlife @natgeotravellerindia @natgeowild

2020-02-14 05:02:46

On this valentine's day presenting a very cute couple. arent they cute 😊🙂❤️❤️ These are Indian scops owl pair , resting in one of the branch hole. @natgeowild


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