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1 day ago

Sick and tired of those social media and this world wanting you to be perfect. We’re not Barbies ladies we’re human! We’re beautiful just the way we are. Yes we do have flaws, name me somebody who doesn’t ? But we don’t care because they make us pretty and different. Don’t believe everything you see on social media, sometimes we’re just trying to show the best of us to impress you, but keep in my mind that we’re still humans just like you and that we’re not perfect♥️ I love you guys teamlea confidentforlea

2 days ago

Making this whole world stop💕

3 days ago

Tell me why you’re sad and I’ll do anything to cheer you up. Your smile is everything that really matters to me...♥️

4 days ago

School Girl👼🏼 What’s your favorite subject? Mine is English!📚

6 days ago

Wow Lea is belly dancing again what a big surpriseeee😂😂♥️ Tag 2 friends 😘 leaelui

1 week ago

What’s the thing that can cheer you up in 10sec ? If it’s a friend tag her/him and tell her/him how much she/he mean to you ♥️

1 week ago

Haters gonna hate but as long as you do what you love, don’t care 😘 Tag a hater haha andreaespadatv montanatucker

1 week ago

The quality is so bad but I wanted to try the effect 😂 What’s your favorite color ? Mine is red💋

1 week ago

Never give up my loves!

1 week ago

My little brother took this pic haha😍 Who’s taking your pictures ? 😂♥️ ninou475

1 week ago

I hope you’re having/had a good day. Remember you worth it, never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough because you are. You are more than that. If someone doesn’t like you remember that someone else does, and for who you are. You are amazing, beautiful and your smile is everything this world need. So be positive. Keep your head up prince and princesses!☺️♥️