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13 hours ago

MY FAMILY SURPRISED US WITH BALLOONS AWHHH💕 I love you guys endlessly! It makes me so happy that my family is supporting me and teamlea 👼🏼 5M is a huge number, we grow more and more everyday. You guys are amazing, most positive angels everrrr♥️ What did I do to deserve y’all ?😭😍 Forever grateful, you guys changed my life

16 hours ago

Comment the first initial of your crush’s name👼🏼✨

1 day ago

My mamou and I♥️ So happy to have her by my side everyday, she’s amazing, she helps me and inspire me a lot. I’ll take care of you mom, I’ll always be there for you no matter what. Thank you for being such a good friend and mother at the same time, our relationship is the best. I love you gcdelphine 👼🏼✨ And btw thank you guys so much for being such an amazing family. Y’all are so positive I couldn’t ask for better angels than y’all. I love you guys endlessly ♥️

3 days ago

We’re not gonna talk about how awkward this pic is haha it looks like I’m doing yoga 🧘‍♀️ But I just wanted to say that I will start being more natural. Instagram makes you feel like you have to be perfect all the time but guess what? I don’t want to be perfect😜 We don’t need makeup and cute outfits to look good. We all have our flaws and that’s what make us beautiful in our own way♥️ I’ll never change I promise, I’ll stay me, I’ll stay happy and crazy. I love you babies

5 days ago

I need a one dance 💃🏻✨

1 week ago

Rouge 🌹🍄🍓🍕

1 week ago

We tried but that’s so hard as always we’re ridiculous but we don’t care😂 Tag a friend and comment “orange” in your language 🍑🧡 leaelui

1 week ago

I dare you to spread positivity in the comment section ☺️💪🏻♥️

1 week ago

How old are you ?👧🏽💗

1 week ago

What’s your favorite makeup brand ?💗 Don’t pay attention to my pimples, I’ve been eating a lot of pizza and burger lately😂 || ( TAG TWO FRIENDS leaelui )

1 week ago

Who’s ready for my new hair color ?🙈💕

2 weeks ago

Comment « pink » in your language 💗🐥