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I can still recall the times of doing push-ups in a facility, all the way until I was ready to take step foot on the gym floor. That particular turning stone was monumental, it created a destination that became the vehicle to channel my inner spirit. A place where I could let go...where F*** you didn’t matter...a place each time we entered we left believing in ourselves just a little bit more. Small steps, that over time made all the difference and kept us coming back for more. . Feeling more alive and focused thanks to the team @ryderwear and creating our signature series apparel line - living proof that if we plan and execute our daily tasks then our world becomes open to limitless possibilities. . 🔺Link in bio 📲ryderwear.com/kai . #kaigreene #ryderwear #thoughtsbecomethings

2018-10-18 21:56:27

The road is long and it’s important we enjoy each and every second we are alive. Be in the present and never allow outside forces depict and cast shadows on your happiness or future. We all have the same amount of time in a day to accomplish our most prestigious feats yet. How will you spend yours? Rockin @swoleoclock both in and out of the gym! .. ⌚️Link in Bio: Code: Kai10 🖲Web -> swoleoclock.com

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In the office this Thursday afternoon, staying in my other zone, working behind the scenes on some very exciting projects that I am sure each and everyone of you will appreciate. We make sure we stay hydrated, focused, and on top of our game with @dynamikmuscle #savageroar .. This product is ideal for pre workout and includes essential ingredients to prime your body with everything you need to be able to tap into your greatness whether you’re in the gym or living life on your terms. .. 🔥Save 20% Code: Kai20 🔺Link in Bio 👉 Go to: Dynamikmuscle.com - #bts #thoughtsbecomethings #Kingkai

2018-10-18 12:32:53

What’s going on with Women’s Bodybuilding ? - Where my Women Warriors At!!!! @iriskyle I hope you don’t mind but I’m borrowing your body for the next showing 🤣 - fun fact when I started in the game I looked at women’s bodybuilding over anything else! If you think I work hard... these lovely ladies surpassed all expectations training in the gym! Hardest Workers in the Room!!

2018-10-18 12:08:45

Viva India! 🇮🇳 Shout out to my life! Cheesy truth is, I'm lovin' it. 💪🏾 However this suite has me looking like a super stiff bobble head 🤣 still gettin jiggy

2018-10-17 21:05:24

Our friends @powertecfitness created the WB Multi system that provides us with complete body training, perfect for individual users or up to three users simultaneously. It’s interesting to note that this system can be accessorized with a wide variety of modules to grow with your training needs. A lot of people cut out the contractions and stretches and work that middle area of reps. To me, the stretches and contractions are the hardest parts of reps, especially when training back. So I always put a special emphasis on the stretches at the start of reps and the contractions at the end of reps. . *For More Info Click The Link In Bio 💪🏾Powertec.com💪🏾 . #LetsWORK!!! #Powertec #Powertecfitness

2018-10-17 12:43:54

I. AM. KAI. GREENE. My goal is to be a contributor and to encourage others as they realize their dreams. I believe that In the mind of every artist, there is a masterpiece. I went from being a nobody living in the Bronx to now a globally known professional athlete. Ones own negative thinking can be the last thing standing in your way of greatness. So join me on my journey... BELIEVE.

2018-10-16 16:24:23

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Can we submit pictures instead of stepping on stage ? If so, I’m submitting this one 😂 💪🏾

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It’s time to pull ourselves together as we get set up for a new week and another opportunity to reach our goals. No doubt with everything life can throw at us we can feel less than optimistic at times about getting to gym and all our meals in. That’s why we created #Prey protein to level the playing field. The ultimate protein whether you’re on the go or after your most intense workouts .. If you haven’t tried it yet, click the link in bio and give it a shot, let us know what you guys think about the taste! . #Focusup #LetsWORK!!! @dynamikmuscle .. 🔺SAVE 20% - Code: KAI20 🌐Web: dynamikmuscle.com

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A moment to think - a moment to put a thought process out into the universe - Being around in today’s fast paced world, I feel like people have lost touch with their inner world, their imagination. We search for wifi connection everywhere but have lost the inner intuitive connection with our imagination. The inner world, our imagination, can bring our dreams to life. It is a pity that many people never visualize their future and never truly exercise their power to create. Don’t worry about the outside noise - YOU CAN BUILD YOUR CASTLE AT ANY AGE ANY MOMENT - why not start now!?

2018-10-14 15:58:12

You must recognize and identify that power in you is you. If you’re in the process of seeing your dream realized as a result of your thinking and your ability to work toward the manifestation of your goals, thoughts, and dreams, then I identify with you. Staying cool on this beautiful crisp Sunday morning, rocking @fathersons_ both in and out of the gym #itsa4x .. 🔗Link in Bio 🌎1-2 DAY WORLDWIDE SHIPPING 👕SHOP-> Go to fathersonsclothing.com

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Anyone willing to put in the work will have their own opportunity for individual greatness. You just have to see what it is you're trying to bring into fruition before it blossoms. I firmly believe that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Staying decked out in our new signature series @ryderwear this Friday!! Who else is putting in the work heading into the weekend?! .. *Signature Series II Now Available - (Link in Bio) Web: ryderwear.com/kai

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Our goal is and always has been to contribute and encourage others that they have the ability to shape and create the life they choose with their thoughts. You just have to think you can before you go out there and do it. You never know the change it can make, just keep working. Shoutout to my man @yunusishaikh for helping us spread positivity and the idea that thoughts can become things @dynamikmuscle . 🔺Link in Bio *Web: Dynamikmuscle.com

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Your own greatness will come from your ability to manage yourself at least well enough where you almost become compulsive at becoming this thing you're going after. You have the ability to manage tasks. You have what it takes. You just have to believe. Staying on track with our goals w/ @swoleoclock who has some superb timepieces for both men and women. . •Swiss Made •Every Watch Hand Made •Durable •High Quality Precision . *Link in Bio *10% Off: Use Code = Kai10 *Web: —> swoleoclock.com . #KaiGreene #Swoleoclock

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When an athlete goes into the gym there are a host of different variables that have altered in response to being say 40 years old versus 16 years old. Therefore your approach to the gym is a lot different, a lot more nuanced. The differences are a continuing set of decisions made in the trenches step by step. You’re going by feel and you’re making decisions as you move based on the feedback from your body and the guidance of those who have been here before you. Then when you start to tally it up, it’s not one, two, or even 10 things, it’s the thousands of things in the course of a week or a month. And a lot of times you yourself don’t know how much those variables have changed or what exactly those variables are, so you have to constantly troubleshoot. Luckily our friends over @powertecfitness have developed multi functional pieces of equipment over the past 20 years, giving us more time and space for the proper resistance needed for stimulation to both the mind and muscle. .. *For More Info Click The Link In Bio 💪🏾Powertec.com💪🏾 . #LetsWORK!!! #Powertec #Powertecfitness

2018-10-10 16:15:54

I've trained almost my whole life. I started when I was 12. I've tried just about every type of supplement in the last 2 decades. From the chalky mass gainer 5000 to the strongest pre-workouts. Over that time, I realized the only choice I had was to have a line of products I personally wanted to use with a unique name of it's own and that’s how the emergence of #SAVAGEROAR started. . A pre-workout that strikes a wake up call almost immediately. It's exactly what we were looking for when formulating, allowing for constant progression within each workout, most of all its BACK!!! @dynamikmuscle . #LetsWORK #SAVAGEROAR . 🔺Link in Bio Go to —> www.dynamikmuscle.com

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The face you make when you see another amazing collaboration come together! We are so proud and honored with the new @ryderwear x Kai Greene Signature Series merch drop. Whether you’re in the game for new sweats, shorts, tanks, or want to stay #hoodieup we created some of the best designs and comfort out!! You know your boy loves the red, grey, and black combinations too!! .. We dropped 17 new styles for you guys so be sure to go Check em all out!! Link is in my bio or go to ryderwear.com/kai .. 🔺Link in Bio ⭕️Web-> www.ryderwear.com/kai

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Starting with some stretching then straight to work until we move the whole gym. At this point in the game you better have your #focusup as we are firm believers in high intensity, high volume, and constant awareness. That #Savageroar pre workout is getting us primed with laser like focus to get the most out of each and every workout. #LetsWORK!!! @dynamikmuscle .. *15 min Before Training = 1 1/2 Scoop #SavageRoar .. *Web: dynamikmuscle.com

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The root of your own experience comes down to self-mastery and perseverance. Many times we get caught up in how long the process may take us but not for others. All we can do is bring our utmost effort to the forefront and continue to put our best foot forward each and everyday. Don’t waste time with all the minutia. Control your energy, your thoughts, and focus your concentration toward your own goals...you will become a champion.

2018-10-08 21:54:41

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you know, The only limit they set on us is the one we’re willing to accept. You with me @jojomo91 !? Let’s blast off where limitless possibilities thrive and thoughts become things ! . @minikai - hey John ! Before we do that, can you tell kai to take me outa his bag! I’ve been here all day and it smells like tilapia! - #nycc

2018-10-07 19:28:55

@minikai & me taking over @newyorkcomiccon - We’re on a quest to Booth 147 @chroniclesofkingkai

2018-10-07 18:01:21

😈Comic Con New York City😈 🔹October 4-7th #Booth 147🔹🔺@chroniclesofkingkai 🔺 .. 🔹Make Sure You Come Stop By & Pick Up Your Very Own Copy Of Our Comic🔹*50 limited first edition prints. First come first serve* .. #ComicCon #NYCC #KingKai

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When we choose to be powerful, we see our strengths magnify, our visions more clear, and our fears become a figment of the imagination. Together we can become stronger, our voices louder, and the combined synergy becomes our reality. Rocking @fathersons_ on this beautiful Sunday..finally a company that not only sets trends but has sizes BIG enough for 280 lbs+ #itsa4x .. 📦Worldwide Shipping (1-2 Days) 🌐Web-> Link in Bio or Go to fathersonsclothing.com