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🔥New ryderwear D-MAK ll Now Available!! Not only are these lightweight, flat soled, and have excellent padded support for around the ankle. Go check em out!! . Link in Bio or go to www.ryderwear.com/kai . ryderwear kaigreene thoughtsbecomethings

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🔥SAVAGE ROAR 🔙 IN STOCK🔥 ——————————————————————— Your Favorite Pre-Workout is BACK!! Go check it out right now on -> dynamikmuscle.com . *Link is in the bio . Kaigreene SavageROAR Dynamikmuscle

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I didn’t just start like this. But I’ve been training for more than 20 years — I stopped counting at 20 — and there’s been a lot of work done in that time. I am focused and looking to take what I already have and make it even better. Never lose hope or give in to what appears to be easy, keep prevailing and you will achieve your ambition. mondaymotivation

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Real success presents itself when you seek the courage, enhance your will power, and push your perseverance until you give it everything you got. Find the things that you get excited about and never underestimate the amount of heart you have in attaining your dreams. Letswork!!! this Sunday. fathersons_ . *Link in Bio For the 👕Shirt I’m rockin go to fathersonsclothing.com

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🇮🇳INDIA: JULY 20-21-22!!! Get ready as we dynamikmuscle and viva_fitness_ind make our way to Pragati Maidan | New Delhi to promote positivity and to keep encouraging one another. Be sure to stop by and see us! Stay tuned🇮🇳 . Dynamikmuscle Kaigreene India

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Before you can become the best that you can be you have to go through different stages to get there. Whether we’re speaking about body, mind, or personal manifestation – you have to soak up the experience on how to move from one stage to the next. Analyze, educate, and figure out what works best for you, remain passionate and stay relentless until you reach the desired outcome. Staying ahead of schedule and moving one step closer to our goals everyday with swoleoclock . 🔺Code: Kai10 ⌚️GO TO -> swoleoclock.com

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The latest ryderwear D-Mak II has arrived and features... . ▪️Thin, flat, flexible rubber soles crucial for correct form and flat foot lifting ▪️High ankle collar providing maximum ankle support and foot lockdown whilst lifting ▪️Made from high quality, lightweight and breathable fabrics ▪️Lace up high top profile with new metal lace up hooks ▪️Padded interior for support, comfort and stability . 💢Available in Black & Red 🔺Link in bio 🌐Shop: ryderwear.com/kai

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Focus on the thing that’s in front of you, that is to say, hone into your surroundings, use what you have available in your vicinity to create the best possible outcome. When you have a goal, you have to do the work, some days you may have a training partner, somedays you may not. It's important to realize that this fight is an internal battle, one that must go on and be fought with devotion and commitment. You’re gonna hear other opinions, voices, and commands saying “that’s not right,” or “you’re doing it wrong.” Don’t let these objections hinder your determination and spirit. Stick to it, put in the work and become a champion. LetsWORK

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HUGE THANK YOU... to everyone out there for the birthday wishes, texts, phone calls, shout-outs, and love you all gave me today! Those that know me know that I don't typically make a big deal of my Birthday's, yet this year seems a little bit different thanks to each and everyone of you guys. It means a lot to me that you all took time from your busy lives to wish me a happy birthday. . Grateful KaiGreene

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To become your best, it can’t boil down to a formula of sets and reps. It’s the accumulation of all the knowledge and training that person has done over years and years. - 👉Are you a part of the Kai Greene Academy? These exercises and many others are posted for our members DAILY on the site. (*LINK IN BIO) - 🧠Mind to muscle connection is a real thing and something that takes time, practice, and patience to fully master. . 🗣Be sure to focus on contracting and squeezing.

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The game has changed and the latest evolution of the lifting shoe is here. The latest ryderwear D-Mak II has arrived. Features the signature flat sole to get you as close to the ground as possible for optimal lifting and a high top collar for the best stability. Premium suede leathers and knits are second to none and ensure quality and durability in even the toughest of workouts. New customized trilateral metal eyelets and embossed knit body, ryderwear took the D-Mak to the next level with this version 2. . 🔸Available in ⚫️ and 🔴 🔹Link in bio 🌐Shop: ryderwear.com/kai