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2020-01-01 01:23:28

What an incredible DECADE!!! I’m filled with gratitude looking back on this time in my life. So much has happened, graduating HS, going to College and now assuming the responsibilities of being an Adult. I’ve surpassed my expectations of where I thought I’d be today, 10 years ago. THANK YOU to everyone who I’ve came into contact with during this time, you all have helped me in some way become the man I am today! And so as a gift I wanted to share some of my favorite songs from this decade with you! Happy New Years!!! (Link in Bio)

2019-11-11 02:14:00

Old ways won’t open new doors 🕉

2019-11-03 19:21:10

Sundays are for the birds 🦅

2019-11-02 18:26:13

Who wants to go b2b? 👾🎶

2019-10-31 01:39:29

Looking for actions not just captions in the things you post. 👀

2019-10-27 23:36:54

Techno is healing. 🎶👾

2019-10-26 02:37:55

I don’t know what a handout is but I believe in blessings.

2019-10-23 18:51:52

Read, Meditate, Pray, Repeat. 🕉