Jess Conte

@jess ✞ / Australian Youtuber in LA founder of @harperandwillow choose kindness 🌿🍃 ✉️ [email protected]

3 days ago

my lil baby boy

5 days ago

my lil lovey

6 days ago

Cuddle a dog, go for a walk, spend time off your phone, eat some fruit, write someone a letter, watch a sunset, do things this weekend that’ll make you feel happy and positive ☺️ (lashes from mavlashextensions)

1 week ago

Wow, I’m just gonna brag about this guy for a second. For the last few weeks he’s been filming a show and I got to go visit the set today and I got so so proud ☺️ he’s had night shoots where he’s come home at 4am, call times where he’s had to wake up at 5am, long days, lots of rehearsing and memorising, but he never complained once. He’s the most hardworking and dedicated person I know (and also v handsome). Gabe, you are so talented, humble and sweet. I love you, I’m so lucky & blessed to be your wife ☺️💛 **ps I look like a fangirl getting a pic with her fave person or something... and that’s bc i am 🤪**

1 week ago

a sunday well spent brings a week of content 😋🌿

2 weeks ago

be-leaf in your abili-teas 🤪🥤 outfit from shoppriceless :) ad

2 weeks ago

I love music, and that’s really all thanks to my dad. he raised us teaching and listening to all different kinds of music, learning different instruments, but never forced it on us, which made it so fun. i remember i’d always try to impress him by learning an elvis or frank sinatra song, but now they’re some of my favourites to listen to 😋 one of my favourite memories of living in australia were nights when we’d all sit around the piano and just sing together. i can’t wait to do the same with my kids ☺️

2 weeks ago

this was the prettiest event ever 🌞🌻🌿 dress from lulus ☺️ ad luluspoolside

3 weeks ago

milo’s still learning where to look when taking a selfie 🤳🏼🤪 btw my outfit is from vanessamerrell & veronicamerrell’s new clothing line true_img! congrats guys ☺️

3 weeks ago

feelin 22 🌞🎉 (still lookin 16)

3 weeks ago

you make me feel like 😁😁😁 lashes from mavlashextensions always 💓

1 month ago

back in LA 🌻 in church yesterday the message focussed on Genesis 1, and how even in the beginning, when the earth was formless and empty and full of darkness, the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. God was in the darkness - what an awesome reminder. No matter how dark life can get at times, know that God is always with you. 💛 “The Lord is my light and my salvation - whom shall I fear?” - Psalm‬ ‭27:1‬ ‭