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NPC Jay Cutler Classic Wyoming is this Saturday. For more information visit

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Some say living for a cause makes your life better. Although I didn’t necessarily know what that was early on when I was chasing a dream of my own, along the way I’ve found that people of all ages use me and my career as inspiration. Even though I feel my contributions to those around me were not massive, world changing or even particularly always charitable. I have always tried to remain the same person and remain humble, but I have never lost my hunger and I believe those qualities have ultimately become proof that my determination for my own success has helped so many others. I can’t thank you guys enough because everyday you also inspire me. MrOlympia TheJourney AimHuge MondayGrind

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Im feeling very blessed to spend some time with my father these past few days. Coming from a rigid background with a super strong work ethic gave me the necessary tools to conquer anything I set out to a achieve. Wishing you a very happy Father’s Day and can’t wait for the next trip back home! massachusetts happyfathersday hardwork concrete cutlernation

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June 14th is a day we honor the Stars and Stripes that identify us and we remember the brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice protecting our great American flag and our freedom. USA Respect FlagDay 6/14/1777

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Every Mr Olympia competition I entered I had the mindset that I was going to win. In 2001 I really thought I was going to come out on top when I was called out for comparisons with the reigning champion Ronnie Coleman. Although I came in second place that year, I knew that eventually time and commitment would pay off. ConsistencyisKey AimHuge 4x TheLastRivalry ronniecoleman8 therealtechnician

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Throwback from age 18 before I started training vs age 23 and winning a pro card at the US nationals. My progression over such a short time was about having a set game plan and sticking to exactly that. Everyday I spent hrs in the gym with one ultimate goal... to be MY best. I always set realistic goals, although many times achieving much more than expected. traintobealegend cutlernation fitness mrolympia supplements bethebest training cutlernutrition

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Another weekend down and in the books and what can I say!? Chicago was again amazing and interacting with so many people with remarkable stories I can’t say enough. Thank you to thousands of people that waited in lengthy lines to meet us all and continue to give us ALL the motivation to be better and to always strive to be our absolute best. I could never imagine being removed from competing for so many years that I’m still this hungry to be better everyday and I will continue to put work in day in and day out. Thanks once again to the thefitexpo for another successful event and thanks to the best fans and supporters of the Chicago region... till next year!!! legend cutlernation nutrition expo health wellness diet mrolympia jaycutler clothing killit traintobealegend legacy

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Never stop grinding