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2019-11-15 15:01:40

Some say only children possess unfathomable imaginations. As he stares at the sea, he sees not only the future, but he feels it too. Casting his eyes on the infinite possibilities of the deep blue waters. Are there sea monsters underneath? Is there a treasure island at the edge of the horizon? Like the child in my photo, I stare at the endless sea each day, letting my #imagination run wild… creating an inner world. If only my camera can capture the wonders in my mind. Thanks to Alejandra González Piraquive from #Columbia #HuaweiNextImage Awards 2019.

2019-11-15 13:00:59

It was in the afternoon one #autumn day. You can feel the warmth of the ☀️ seeping into the room through a crack of an open window. I was sitting on the sofa in the office watching the amber #sunlight, #shadows and lines casting the most mesmerizing image on the wall. Everything was so still, calm and harmonious. My mind could feel everything my eyes were seeing. To preserve the moment, I picked up my phone and 📸.

2019-11-15 12:15:52

What are the most important factors of fostering technological innovation? Watch attendees of #Huawei #InnovationDay in Paris give their opinions on #innovation and how we can champion #cooperation by innovating together for a digital Europe. #HuaweiHID #HuaweiNow

2019-11-15 11:08:59

Are you ready for the #weekend? My wife and I found this building near the #airport. You can see the #airplanes taking off from the rooftop. I was delighted to photograph this amazing moment of my wife jumping over a ✈️. It’s a #masterpiece! 2 hours of hard work finally paid off. Thanks to Kogtev Oleg #HuaweiNextImage Award 2019.

2019-11-15 10:18:33

Wireless engineer @frenkimalolli joined #Huawei after graduating, leaving his #desire to be a movie director, a political journalist or a lawyer behind to #focus on one thing: #innovation. Here’s how Huawei helps him realize his #dream on a daily basis. #WhoAreWe #HuaweiLife

2019-11-14 15:00:26

Taken in March this year during a tour to Japan. Some say that Tokyo’s #subway stations 🚄 are like the photographer’s #playground. Shinjuku Station is one of them. So I visited the #station during the day to take some pictures. I felt underwhelmed, tbh. So I went back again at sunset, and what I saw captured my #imagination. The blue sign turned into a bright beacon against the dark surrounding. What a sight! Thank to Anh Nguyen #HuaweiNextImage Award 2019.

2019-11-14 13:18:23

I came across this totally by accident… the #shadow of my daughter and the clean, straight line of the wall. So I used my #huaweip20pro to capture the #warmth and #serenity of the moment. Thanks to Ni Buliang #HuaweiNextImage Awards 2019.

2019-11-14 12:08:59

Huawei is in pole position to drive the new wave of #innovation “In Europe, For Europe”. Watch Huawei Chief Representative to European Institutions Abraham Liu explain at #Huawei #InnovationDay how #5G and #cooperation has a big role to play. #HuaweiHID #HuaweiNow

2019-11-14 09:00:42

A little girl’s dream to be a #queen. This photo is from Huaweian Zeng Yueming, taken with his #Mate10Pro. During his business trip to #London, he happened to see this little girl at a @Lego store. This sweet girl stared at the Queen for quite a long time. #Huawei

2019-11-13 14:00:39

“The eight-lane Mohammad Bin Zayed Highway. This overpass is a familiar sight for migrant workers, connecting them every morning from their dormitories to the Al Aweer Central Fruit & Vegetable Market where they transport goods or man the hawker stalls. Although these tasks don’t pay much, it’s enough to support their families. The workers send money back home so their children can live better lives.” Thanks to Rolando Tunay Batacan, #HuaweiNextImage Awards 2019. #Huawei

2019-11-13 13:18:13

At 7am, the sky was foggy and the atmosphere was mysterious. The cold wind was whistling, the sun was dim. We were nervously speculating whether someone would suddenly appear in front of us, out of the thick fog. A friend’s glove was blown away by the wind. I captured a picture of her chasing after it.” Thanks to Annie Low #HuaweiNextImage Awards 2019. #Huawei

2019-11-13 03:53:38

#Huawei provides on-site #gyms for our employees to use in their free time, so they can maintain fit #bodies and fit #minds. Take a look. #HuaweiNow #HuaweiDiscovery #wlb