2020-04-01 19:08:07

I hate to break my own rules, but sometimes you have to make an exception. I spotted this Kindle-reading creature on the L train, and I just couldn't help myself. Listen, if he’s interested in getting between my covers, I don’t care if he swipes his pages or turns them. #AprilFools #StillNoKindles #ButSeriousAboutTheCovers #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

2020-03-30 17:36:59

I know I’m not the only one trying to adjust to real life this month (or 2020 as a whole), but this piece of monochromatic man candy is just what I need to sweeten my currently bland, gloomy AF outlook. Normally the best way to get me out of a dark hole is to down an entire box of wine in one sitting, but if I added him to the mix, I bet I’d be seeing all kinds of colors by the end of the night. #BlackOutWithOurRacksOut #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

2020-03-27 21:42:00

Even with the camo hat, there's no hiding how hunky this dude is. I bet he’d choose our first date to involve an East Village dive bar, multiple PBRs and well shots, and a lengthy tutorial on pool. And I’ll totally pretend I don't know how to play just to give him a chance to show off his smooth strokes and expert aim. #RubTheTipAndTapItIn #GiveItALittleTappy #TapTapTaparoo #hdrarchives #hotdudesreading

2020-03-24 19:36:47

Ooooooh, check out this Brooklyn-bound boss’ reading material. Maybe he's an aspiring actor/writer/producer/director/nudist looking for tips from the great Lena Dunham. Regardless I love when a man gets in touch with his feminine side…but not as much as when a man gets in touch with MY feminine side. Just kidding. #NotThatKindOfGirl #HahahaYesIAm #EspeciallyDuringAQuarantine #HDRArchives #hotdudesreading

2020-03-23 17:51:40

Who needs museums when you can stare at stoic specimens like this all day. He’s the epitome of perfection — like a cross between Michelangelo’s David and a real-life Ken doll. I’d love to try my hand(s) at bringing this inanimate object to life...as long as a certain region doesn’t resemble either one of theirs. #WasThereAMarbleShortage? #WhySoSmoothKen? #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

2020-03-22 22:41:35

I love a good face-off, and since all sports have been cancelled, this is as good as it gets for the time being. It looks like it’s going to come down to the wire between these smoking hot contenders. I’ll let each of them run his best play before I decide which one has the skills to advance to my place. Or maybe I’ll call a tie and take them both. #WinnerTakesAll #IJustWannaGetSprayedWithChampagne #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

2020-03-21 18:52:14

What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man. This salt-and-pepper stud is exactly the seasoning I need to spice up my life today. I would push it reeeeeal good on over to that empty seat and get talking about him and me and all the good things and the bad things that may be. #YouKnowWhatWeTalkAboutNext #ShoopMyDoop #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

2020-03-19 22:54:35

This lit lover holding that 8th grade classic is giving me a major schoolgirl crush. Who needs a Dunkaroos comeback when he’s over there looking like a perfect after-school snack. I‘d lay him out like a Fruit by the Foot while we pretend to watch Fresh Prince until my mom gets home and kills my game. #PokeMeLikeACapriSun #SqueezeMeLikeAGusher #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

2020-03-19 22:45:50

Not a dude in sight and for the first time ever, that’s just fine with me. Hope everyone is snuggled up at home with a quarantined cutie, but if you’re social distancing and single like me, please enjoy the next the few posts to distract us during this tough time. We’re digging them out of our #HDRarchives. #StayHome #hotdudesreading

2020-03-17 22:45:06

This Penn Badgley look-alike has me feeling all types of dangerous feelings. Maybe I’ll flip the script and invite #YOU over to MY box. I'll run my fingers through that perfectly wavy hair all night long, and we’ll talk about our deepest, darkest secrets until you realize you love me. #LookWhosStalking #HoForJoe #hotdudesreading

2020-03-09 16:28:37

Well, hello there, fella. That big scruffy head and innocent little stare is making me want to give you a good heavy petting. Once you get unleashed and the green top comes off, you can show me all the tricks you know. Oh, and that dog of yours is pretty cute, too. #ILikeItRuff #hotdudesreading

2020-03-04 18:00:54

This Kennedy buff has me asking "If not us, who? If not now, when?" We don't need an oval office to make some history of our own, so why don't we head to your place where you can show me your executive branch and I’ll show you my #JackieOFace #hotdudesreading


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