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2019-12-10 22:51:23

“Even though it was an adjustment for Dash at the beginning, he has been transformed by having Bolt around. Over time, they have become best fur friends. Bolt is high energy and requires a lot of attention but, in spite of it all, Dash always has his back. The ocean breeze always puts them at ease. And, we hope this tender moment warms your heart as much as it does ours. Leave pawprints of love and kindness wherever you go” writes @whippetsunleashed #dogsofinstagram

2019-12-08 19:56:15

“and the Oscar goes to.......😂🐶” writes @tobythegentleman #dogsofinstagram

2019-12-06 23:42:44

“Do you believe that dogs with one blue eye and one brown eye can see both heaven and earth at the same time?” writes @2blackdogsview #dogsofinstagram

2019-12-06 18:06:42

GIVEAWAY time!! Can you believe @petconofficial is already next weekend? We know a lot of you have tickets already but we have a pair of VIP tickets to giveaway to two lucky humans and their pups. Here’s how you can enter to win: 1. Follow @petconofficial 2. Tag the pup/animal or humans in the photo above that you can’t wait to meet as part of your VIP experience 3. We’ll dm the winner tomorrow! VIP: Everything from General Admission PLUS early access (9am), VIP welcome reception with celebrity pets and influencers, priority lines for meet + greets, VIP gift bag and more!

2019-12-06 03:37:46

“Deal 😂😍” writes (watch to the end!) 👆🤣😭❤️❤️❤️

2019-12-04 22:24:59

“Bull-dozer” writes @surfinggypsy, @cannababekatie + @msschmidty #dogsofinstagram

2019-12-03 19:29:16

“meet emma bear 🐻. losing chlo was the hardest thing I’ve ever endured, and i’ll miss her forever. emma has helped so much with the healing and I’m so excited to share her with you ❤️” writes @chloetheminifrenchie #dogsofinstagram

2019-11-26 16:37:22

Also, all of us on Thursday 😂 // 🎥 @gusgusinthecity #dogsofinstagram

2019-11-25 15:13:52

“Little brothers, am I right? 😒😂” writes @hesmyalibi #dogsofinstagram

2019-11-23 21:51:38

“From doggodile to polardog ☃️ What would you rate his front flip?” writes @starskythegoldie #dogsofinstagram

2019-11-22 15:39:48

STORY TAKEOVER! “We better be getting a treat for this picture!” Writes @yorkieheaven // Tap our Stories to see Sophia and Izzy Bear’s life in Florida! 😎

2019-11-18 16:50:36

Meet @2husketeers #dogsofinstagram