Amelia Smith

@ameliacourtney Executive Assistant @ vibetickets✌🏻 Vlogging workout videos🏋🏼‍♀️

1 day ago

Ab workout video pending❗️

3 days ago

Leg day🏋🏼‍♀️ here are 5 of my go to exercises to target your glutes🍑 1 - glute activation, 10 on each leg x 3 rounds (I always do a few exercises for this but will go into detail in another video) 2 - walking lunges, 10 on each leg x 3 rounds 3 - reverse lunges on the smith machine, 10 on each leg x 3 rounds 4 - goblet squat with pulse at the bottom, 10 x 3 rounds 5 - side steps with 10kg ball held to chest, 10 steps left to right x 3 rounds As it’s my first video the filming isn’t fab & I need to work on the editing but shout out to sadiesmithx for a solid effort! Let me know what you think & if you give any a try!🕺🏼If you have any questions please message me🌟 leggings are gymsharkwomen! ‘ ‘ gluteworkout legday legworkout gymmotivation gymexercises fitness workoutmotivation gymsharkwomen

4 days ago

The final meal in Mykonos😥

4 days ago

Actually an accidentally shot and not posed for once🤷🏼‍♀️ mykonos

5 days ago

Holiday spam🕺🏼 mykonos

6 days ago

Just a tad burnt after today🌶 mykonos

1 week ago

No filter needed when the view is that good☀️🌊mykonos greece

1 week ago

Mykonos has some of the dreamiest views mykonos

1 week ago

I’m no expert but have researched a lot about fitness over the years and seem to have workouts that work for me, and a few people have messaged me so to help those who have been asking I’ve added this mornings circuit to my story🕺🏼 plus this view is dreamy mykonos

1 week ago

80’s vibe, high bikini/ little sunnies🕶 Mykonos Greece