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Una -Mini American Shepherd🐾


🐶: wigglebut w/tail 🐕 #notsominiaussie 🎖: AKC Elite Performer Trick Dog 🎂: 19/JUN/2019. 🗽: NYC babe 💜: 🦮🥓🤸‍♂️🥏🌊

2020-10-28 14:18:36

Happy to be reaching the middle of the week; now the rest of the way is downhill into the weekend! ☺️ Let’s run as fast as we can to reach it!!

2020-10-27 02:46:25

New Trick in the making 🔥 - we’ve been working on this one for a while and something suddenly clicked tonight. Can dogs jump a rope, YES WE CAN! #dogtraining #jumpingrope #akceliteperformertrickdog

2020-10-26 14:25:46

One more small rock to climb - one less day for the weekend! Fall just has the most beautiful landscapes right? For some reason this colorful leaves taste way better 😋 #leaveschanging #falldogadventures @outhouse_orchards

2020-10-25 18:20:39

Fall 🎃 is my favorite season - just keep the pumpkin cookies coming and I’ll be a happy dog (I’ll take pumpkin everything I’m not picky 😉) #pumpkinlover

2020-10-24 22:01:25

So where are we going today? Oh right coffee first and then it’s adventure time! #morningroutine #doglife

2020-10-23 17:12:52

Mom says I look great with Fall colors - all I really want is the treat she promised me after I pose for this photo. Swipe to see my “give me the treat now” face 😅 #ilovetreats #photofortreat #falldogadventures

2020-10-22 13:44:39

Always expectant of what the future will bring - no matter what it is I’ll be ready to greet it with a smile 😁 #positivevibesonly #happypuppyhappylife

2020-10-21 13:31:40

Ladies don’t usually like surprise closeups - but mom says she likes seeing all the different colors in my face, so I let her tell me how pretty I am ☺️ #prettydog #redmerleaussie #dogcloseup #pinknosedogs

2020-10-20 13:06:41

Hi! You caught me 😅- no I’m not picking my nose I just had sand on it 😇 #boopmynose #tongueouttuesday #tot #tottime

2020-10-19 15:12:12

Is that Monday I see ? - I’m ready let’s get going!! #pawprintsinthesand🐾🐾

2020-10-18 16:55:54

I like rocks, you can climb then and feel as tall as a mountain! - I need to find me some taller rocks 😅 #climbingdog #dogslife

2020-10-17 16:29:10

How can I be the happiest pup in the world? You’ll just have to see what I’m looking at! (Mom, Dad and a full field of sand at my feet) 😄 - can’t ask for more #happypuppyhappylife #happydays #dogsmile


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