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I hold my life together with stickers and questionable humor 🙃

2020-10-18 19:45:36

Having some Halloween fun in my @lightsplanneraction vertical columns this week 👻 @craftingextremelove inspired this layout a couple of weeks ago in a story series she was doing a couple weeks ago (I LOVE her process stories!), and I knew I had to put my fun spooky paper to good use. I love the way the columns break down to business and fun each day when you lift the flaps 🤗 I will definitely do this again! (Original layout in 3rd pic). What ways do you shake up your planners to make them feel new? #revampyourplanner

2020-10-12 14:51:22

There doesn’t seem to be enough coffee in the greater Phoenix area on this Monday morning. I’m going to keep trying though... 😂☕️ #letsplanit #lightsplanneraction

2020-09-19 19:50:33

The real reason I bought my Cricut was so I could make @maskedsingerfox stickers for my planner 😂😂 Who else is watching on Wednesday??

2020-09-16 23:48:40

Can I just tell you... Anxiety is an asshole. One of my girls has been worried about Christmas and what it would look like since her birthday party was canceled in May 💔 I knew we’d have to be really intentional with practicing JOY, so I got one of these Christmas journals for each of the girls at our house. I *especially* love the free prompts download that help us remember what we love most about the holiday season ❤️❤️ I put our prompts on double sided card stock and laminated them to make dashboards for our B6 TNs. I mention all of this because the entire shop @lightsplanneraction will be 20% in the @plannerbosscollective sale this weekend if you need a little help staying focused on what’s good this year too ❤️❤️❤️

2020-09-13 18:59:13

So excited to have a wellness planner again 🖤🖤 I do so much better balancing everything I’d like to do when I make it intentional - who knew? 😂😂 #lightsplanneraction #wellnessplanner

2020-09-12 23:33:09

We flip through SO many inserts from our fave shop: Lights Planner Action! Included: Classic KAD, A6 Shelby, A5 Influential, B6 Christmas and MORE!

2020-09-12 19:41:00

I have a new work planner! 😍😍 This is the KAD from my beloved @lightsplanneraction - it’s a quarterly planner with monthly, weekly lined columns AND a timed daily - whaaaaaat? Couldn’t resist changing out the cover and adding some personalization with vinyl cause I’m extra like that 😍 Flip-thru coming! Live or stories? 🤔. . . . JOY10 saves you 10% on $10+ over @lightsplanneraction 🙌🏼🙌🏼

2020-09-06 20:01:35

Finished week! My favorite part of this week is the line of birthdays in photo frames across the top 🖤🖤 Totally inspired by Bess @lightsplanneraction who challenged us to use photographs in our planner this week. While these obvi aren’t traditional photos, it was a great motivator to use these cute Polaroids from @little.pittie.paper 🤗🤗

2020-08-30 23:18:29

This will sound laughable - but this week feels empty after the past couple weeks 😆 I started my new job and the real story of how crazy packed this week was lives on those pages (but holy confidential, can I not share 😂😂). The extra blank space left room to play with big stickers and to express how grateful I am this week, so I’m not mad!

2020-08-29 19:16:02

Can we have a serious talk? I generally hate printables because I don’t want to trim them. I’m both lazy about cutting and a perfectionist about page sizes matching up 😂😂 I really wanted this meal planner from @lightsplanneraction though, so I got the classic HP size and printed borderless @ 118% and it’s perfect on a piece of standard size copy paper, no trimming required 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Okay but WHY did I even want a meal planner? Because come time to make the grocery list every week, my first 2 thoughts are always 🌮 and 🍝 I’m going to start keeping these plans so when my brain gets stuck on what’s easy, I can flip back and have quick access to variety and maybe even stuff my picky eaters actually enjoyed (👀 KENNEDY). So help keep me accountable - if you see repeated abuse of tacos in my weekly dinner sidebar, feel free to call me out and ask me how my meal planner is going 🙃 How do you guys keep dinner plans fresh at your house?

2020-08-23 18:36:21

Do you ever feel silly over how much you LOOOOOVE l🖤ve lovity la-huuu-vah your planner? Yah, I don’t either 🥰🥰

2020-08-02 23:23:06

It’s funny how I went from avoiding my planner “because there’s nothing going on anyway, fucking quarantine 😭😭😭”, to full pages that overflow my heart with happiness in a matter of weeks. I’m working the hades out of my one little word of mindset this year and gosh darn-it that makes me proud! Tell me why you’re proud of yourself right now, please 🖤🖤 I want to celebrate you too!


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