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I walk around like everything’s ok, But deep down, inside my shoe, My sock is slipping off

2020-09-02 02:05:35

I couldn’t help myself... . Can’t get enough of this #queen, it’s been the highlight of this #quarantine . Find those little moments of joy, and share it with the world. We need this right now.

2020-08-29 02:50:04

#whiteprivilege isn’t about blaming anyone; it’s not about being right or wrong; it’s not about making someone feel guilty; it’s not about excusing oneself from responsibility; it’s not about generalizing all into one; it’s not about good or bad. . It’s the byproduct of a historical perspective held by the majority that has normalized itself into the present social fabric of the people. It’s the echo of a not-so-distant past that is tainted with hierarchy and superiority, marginalization and inferiority. It’s a humanistic trait of those who have in contrast to those that don’t. . We are better than this. We’ve proved it before, and we must fight to prove it again. As humans, we CAN overcome this, and we must. #blm #blacklivesmatter #jacobblake #usa #earth #wecandobetter #wecandothis

2020-07-05 01:41:27

I swear to y’all, this has the potential to be the most powerful time of our lives. We’ve just gotta stay open on making it such; find your gems, share them with the world, and remember that this is something we can only do through #love and #compassion together. . This is my Grams (younger sis) and her older sis, Senoia. As you can see, my great aunt used to torment my Grams, and now it’s my turn 😈🥰 #conversationswithgrams #avrittsfavorites #realtalk #gramswiththeyams

2020-06-17 02:49:24

My Pops and I had the opportunity to talk with the @linfieldfootball team and share two different stories from two different times, yet both highlighting the #pain - and vital parts of the #solution - of the issues that are plaguing our country 'til date. . @linfieldcollege provided us both the opportunity to learn from true #rolemodels ; people committed to demonstrating #leadership with high #moralfiber and #integrity. As my dad and I had the pleasure of sharing our story with the team, I realize these also must be shared with my social #community. Some of you were there alongside me during those times, while other friends have shared different meaningful experiences. As we continue to fight for what's right with #compassion , we will get through this #together. . @aaronbcwilliams @aboehme @hesto_besto @otto_bix @kolekrieger @tempest_walker @_chrisslezak @haydenmace @tptocher @kanaka_clark_kent @njdix623 @sdark35 @tpatt29 @cedesinthesouth @mckechniebr @jjtest @ericbiege @joshua.t.hill @kkama808 @kalaemusic @mrpeanutbuttahcups @domforrest5 @dwiersm01 @briandundas @brentdesmond @neilfendall @linfieldsports @milesdavis @bdmprof . #blm #blacklivesmatter #covid-19 #linfieldcollege #linfieldwildcats #catdome #linfieldfootball #linfieldnursing #portland #deepsouth #segregation

2020-06-03 04:55:51

Grams has lived in this house for 50yrs and she has never seen people gather on this street in support or protest of any cause. . Today was something special... special for my grandmother, seeing the community stand beside her. . Special for the community, and their ability to stand up in a positive way. . Special for my family to share this first-time experience with Grams. . Keep the faith, and keep moving forward together. Theres still hard and reflective work that needs to be done, and we’re gonna get through this. #blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd #icantbreathe #inthistogether #avrittsfavorites #conversationswithgrams

2020-05-31 03:07:42

My thoughts about the state of the #usa, and all of #humankind, for that matter. @jamesbaldwinarchive spoke on the #moralfiber of #america back in the early 60s- he was speaking on the same sociopolitical environment that we deal with today. It’s evident we still have more work ahead of us. And it won’t be pretty worn, but it needs to be done. #georgefloyd #covid19 #life #love #anger #blacklivesmatter

2020-05-24 02:49:09

Our time visiting family continued this weekend. It wasn’t until I moved back that I learned that Pops is a Jr. I met this grandpa for the very first time, and thanked him for all he had done in his time here. . In fact, it wasn’t until lockdown that I learned most about our family’s past, and what had led us to this point. . Grams, Trace and I were walking through the grass back to the car, I said to Grams, “let’s move over here to more stable ground.” . G: “In a cemetery,there’s no such thing as stable ground.” . Wise words. Use this time well, y’all #conversationswithgrams #avrittsfavorites #covid19

2020-04-23 01:25:51

Happy Birthday to this #Queen. 92 is a mighty acccomplishment. . #conversationswithgrams #avrittsfavorites

2020-04-12 01:47:48

Family #quarantine date, went to Gram’s favorite ice cream shop. I tried to sneak a bite and she snatched it away so quick she broke the cone, then immediately said, “look what you made me do?!?” I’m beyond lucky to spend this time back at home with family. It’s a special reminder that simple things done with important people really create #purpose in life. In these serious times, rediscover the simple things that sometimes get forgotten. They take center stage from here on out. . #conversationswithgrams #avrittsfavorites

2020-04-05 19:07:57

I realize this is exactly the type of stuff worth posting to my public diary. . The woman behind the quote and the #stoic in the picture are part of me, so why wouldn’t I share it permanently with the world? . I’ll continue to post my #conversationswithgrams, because in a time like this, #love and #lightheartedness is more valuable than anything else. And because she’s and #OG . #avrittsfavorites

2020-03-19 00:59:31

My last two trips visiting sisters in Cali; we decided to “shelter-in-place” up on a mountain. . I’ll participate in helping prevent the spread of the #coronavirus, but I will not hide in the dark #covid_19 . Stay safe, but stay awake

2020-03-10 19:58:42

Check this out... #cloudbowl Y’all ever seen the clouds look like this before? #dope


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