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Planner 🖌 Go Getter Girl Co Planner Ambassador 💖📒 Almost a history teacher 🍎Wife to Paul 08-01-2020💍Trying everyday to be my best me ♥️

2021-01-18 14:47:47

Happy MLK jr Day- Let today serve as a reminder of the continual fight for social justice that needs to happen not just one day but every single day- Speak up, Use your voice, Dr. King reminds us that education is critical in the fight! #mlkquotes #socialjustice #socialjusticeeducation #useyourvoice

2021-01-17 19:13:41

National sticker day is a holiday that I can celebrate for days- and in fact I might have 😂😂 decided to throw it back to my lemon stickers that I love so much. I hope everyone had an excellent National Sticker Day- keep your eyes open for some haul videos and posts, there will most likely be more than one 😂 Stickers- @orangeumbrellaco Planner- @gogettergirlco #plannersgonnaplan #nationalstickerday2021 #dailyspread #gogettergirlcoplanner

2021-01-12 12:06:32

All the winter vibes ❄️☃️🌬 as we have cold temps all week long- mittens and snowflakes, blue and icy colors. A great start to my week! Planner- @gogettergirlco Stickers- @planner_kate

2021-01-11 10:55:20

Busy weekend but so excited to say I have finished all of my teaching exams!!! Another step closer to the goal- one step at a time. Break your big goals down into bite size parts- don’t forget to celebrate each one! What goal are you working towards? I would love to be one of your cheerleaders!!! Planner- @gogettergirlco Stickers- Friday @planner_envy Weekend- @erincondren kit with assorted others #plan2gether #weekendvibes #goalgetter #almostateacher #gogettergirlcoplanner

2021-01-08 11:59:57

I wanted to share some details about my self care planner- I am using the @jmbliving winter journal that is January through March. I’ve always known how important self-care is and 2020 cemented that for me like everyone else. I love the set up that Julie has there are habit trackers for each month, the daily pages have great prompts and it is filled with quotes and details about other who are on the same journey. If you are looking to add gratitude, affirmation, self-care and journaling to your day this is definitely something to check out!!! #selfcare #dailyaffirmations #gratitudeattitude #plannerstack #womensupportingwomen #womanownedbusiness

2021-01-04 21:12:45

I didn’t want to give up holiday stickers just yet! My weekly spread in my @gogettergirlco planner- Pinecones, stars and black & white ornaments- I just love the mix. It is a busy week at work so I tried to keep my plans to a minimum. Stickers- @planner_kate Planner- @gogettergirlco #plan2gether #plannercommunity #etsystickershop #gogettergirlcoplanner #weeklyspread

2021-01-02 13:42:31

My word of the year is JOY- last year my word was CHANGE, I had so much change planned for the year and so much did change, I wanted to embrace the changes that were going to be happening, change can be a little scary, change takes us out of our comfort zone, change is just that change. One thing I didn’t plan on was just how much JOY those changes would bring- JOY can be found in every change and in every situation. JOY is something that I am intentionally seeking each day of the new year. #joyinthejourney #choosejoy

2021-01-02 12:34:46

Just like that the New Year is in full swing, trying to get myself back on a schedule and in the groove before work on Monday- Enjoying the last moments of vacation this Weekend 💖 #plan2gether #plannercommunity #weekendspread #gogettergirlco #gogettergirlcoplanner #letitsnow❄️

2021-01-01 15:40:12

Super excited for my planner lineup for 2021- trying some new products and of course you see that some favorites are in the line up!! Happy 2021!! #plannercommunity #2021plannerlineup #plan2gether #gogettergirlcoplanner #jmbwinterjournal #devotional #ecpetiteplanner #ecwellnesslog #bujo #archerandolive

2020-12-31 13:18:21

Dear 2020......... as much as everyone thinks that 2020 was a #dumbsterfire it was really an amazing year for me! Life is what you make of it. Template @somewherecreating #dear2020 #lookforrainbowsinthestorm #glasshalffull

2020-12-31 12:35:04

2021 Cover page in my @archerandolive bujo 💖

2020-12-30 19:36:49

Cold morning but a wonderful 7k finish to our #runacrossamerica2020 50k holiday challenge #50kb42021 @nationwide_run


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