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2021-01-13 13:10:11

Zona Franca Metro Station - L10 South "These pictures are part of a commissioned photoshoot to document the first metro station elevated on a viaduct in the city of Barcelona. As it is an elevated station, it has a completely different configuration than the stations on the rest of the line, which are all underground. The Zona Franca station has provided metro service to an underserved but economically strategic area, and will save the emission of 265 tons of CO2 per year. I shot these images with the XT Camera, which is perfect for architecture." @jm_dellobet #phaseonephoto #mediumformat #architecturephotography

2021-01-08 14:00:25

“I had the honor to capture the miller’s craft that played an important role in the development of Dutch industry. The goal of these images, taken at the Zaanse Schans, is to spur interest in the new generation to conserve, learn, and work with these historical wind factories. The Phase One XF Camera System with CMOS sensor allows me to use a higher ISO setting to work in lower light settings. This was really important in this project because we had a lot of dark scenes inside the windmills. Boosting up the ISO was essential for capturing the right mood.” - @jeroennieuwhuis #phaseonephoto #mediumformat #documentaryphotography #portraitphotography @zaanseschans

2021-01-01 12:00:06

This image was made at Mer de Glace near Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe. It was a commissioned shoot for the "Montblanc" label. The final picture consists of 39 images combined and assembled to produce to a huge one. The commission for Montblanc required a final print size of 6 x 20 meters. I shot around 45 different panos during the shoot. This image was shot on the Phase One XF IQ4 with 80mm lens. Photo and story by @bedaschmid #phaseonephoto #mediumformat #landscapephotography #montblanc

2020-12-28 14:50:57

Sometimes the artists we feature go above and beyond, mixing several mediums in their art. This is what Nina-Maria Oetker has done for the two images here, named 'Golden Drops' and 'Brilliant Drops' - each with an accompanying poem. 'Golden Drops' glittering sunlight in golden drops glimmer to my eyes a portrait of richest humidity I am a witness of pure beauty trying to catch this given glory 'Brilliant Drops' blades of grass in all green tones covered with numerous brilliant drops like shiny bracelets of glass pearls on octopus arms #phaseonephoto #mediumformat

2020-12-17 13:58:23

Since ancient times, Japanese gardens have carried a sense of landscape into a smaller form by cutting out a piece of the earth and imbuing it with spirit. A plant taken out of the earth is temporarily appreciated in a small part of our daily life, and will return to the earth again soon. By performing plant decoration in a state where the roots remain attached, the plants are able to continue their life. Shot on the Phase One IQ4. Photo @koichi_imabayashi Plants composition @yuji_kobayashi 循環植物 大地から取り出した植物を、私たちの日常という小さなフィールで一 時鑑賞し、再び大地に戻します。 根が付いている状態のまま植物装飾を行うことにより、植物群はその 生を継続することができる事は、植物と人間の共存に有効な手段と なりえます。 #phaseonephoto #mediumformat #stilllifephotography

2020-12-10 14:06:36

"I use the XF Camera System for most of my work. I feel it has been great for the lion share of the beauty fashion and portrait work I do. I can count on seamless reproduction in print and online. It has been a great investment." - @keithmajor Link in story! #phaseonephoto #mediumformat #xfcamerasystem #fashionphotography #beautyphotography

2020-12-02 14:00:25

Join our upcoming webinar on December 4th about the XT Camera with @paulreiffer and Drew Altdoerffer. This webinar will be held at two times. See our story for the link to sign up. #phaseonephoto #mediumformat #xtcamera #landscapephotography

2020-11-27 13:00:22

To introduce Phase One’s newest Global Ambassador, @gemmy.woudbinnendijk , we are taking you inside her creative mind and behind the scenes of a very personal photoshoot. #phaseonephoto #mediumformat #xfcamerasystem #fineartphotography

2020-11-27 12:01:12

To introduce Phase One’s newest Global Ambassador, Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk, we take you inside her creative mind and behind the scenes of a very personal photoshoot. The series, Tangible Disconnection, is about the loss of a family member - in this case, Gemmy’s father. She has crafted the shoot in a way that should resonate with us all - whether the loss of a family member, end of a relationship, or even just the sense of disconnection we have all felt at some point in our lives.

2020-11-26 15:10:12

Introducing Feature Update #8! We are always innovating, providing you with exciting new features and improvements for the cameras you already own. Feature Update #8 is the latest expansion of the IQ4 Infinity Platform, while also providing core updates to the XF body and XT body. Check our story for more information, or head to the link in bio to explore our brand new website. #phaseonephoto #mediumformat #xfcamerasystem #xtcamera #infinityplatform

2020-11-19 14:00:43

"As an architect I have an insatiable desire to create. The beauty of photography is that you can totally immerse yourself in the process. I’ve become very good at totally living in the moment, of being at the location and just let the process flow." @aubraphotography Be in the moment with the XT Camera thanks to a deliberately effortless workflow. Read Aubra's story at the link in bio. #phaseonephoto #mediumformat #fineartphotography #travelphotography

2020-11-09 12:47:54

"I really enjoy tapping into my imagination and visualizing what I want to create. A common theme for me, is a desire to create exhibitions that reveal to the viewer something they may not have experienced before. To make a profound emotional connection to the natural world, within an art gallery setting. To achieve this, every element of my work must be the highest quality possible, from the photoshoot, to printing and framing, through to the curation of the exhibition." - @leilajeffreys Read Leila's full story at the link in bio. #phaseonephoto #mediumformat #wildlifephotography #studiophotography


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