🤠BREAKTHROUGH🙌!! This is Peter my 47.6 lb. York Fatman Blob (Half 95). Five weeks ago, I lifted Peter for the first time ever, but was unable to lock him out. Last night, I managed a nice, long hold...HOORAY💃‼️ fatmanblob yorkfatmanblob bloblifting bloblift yorkblob thisweekingrip gripnation beastgripnation beastgrip grip gripstrength gripsport gripsportig armlifting armliftingusa teamusa chineefromkentucky asiaticmenace 郑大力 kentuckynative kentuckystrong bbn dosomething healthyathome shelterinplaceexercise gripsportig gripsportfinlandry grip_bro armlifting_pro armliftingusa


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