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  • fitness_uncle_rudi 1 year ago

    it makes little sense when things are just borrowed for one's body. Throughout your lifetime, 365 days a year, every day, being in great shape and always on top of your health! That means true life. Only for temporary, short-term successes, to break one's own body and allow it to wear out faster, makes one, dissatisfied in old age, sick and depressed on the edge of society, bob around. And what that means, you just do not know between 20 and 40 years of age! I'm 60! Over 40 Years experience in natural fitness and diat makes me wise. You,re Body are much stronger than mine, shure. But You are young! Do You think that you will be stronger and get a good healthy when you are 60? At 30, i had a better shape than 20! At 40, i had a better shape than 30! At 50, i had a better shape than 40! At 60, i had a better shape than 50! I' ll be as good at 70! as at than 60! And i know how it works! And it can works for U 2! I will tell you all the important things. #fitness #cardio #music #bodyquality #jazz #thisisfab #Instagood #Lifestyle #Live #Life #oversixty #mustard #vegan #natural #mensphysique #shape #bodybuilding #fitfam #lifetime

  • danish_i9 1 year ago