sundayz kxngcrooked - Convertible Bars - Microphone check microphone check I'm independent so I write my own checks In this cutthroat game I won’t slice my own neck Not to play the Bible card but my disciples on deck though I write music that Kaepernick can kneel to Gangster rappers get smashed backpackers get killed too Matter fact I snatch a battle rappers Adam's apple out of his neck so fast that when the plasma splatter it's still blue Thanks Em I just remixed your line like I’m the songs co-owner even that prefix is mine I guess being a criminal is in my DNA triple helix design He spits a rhyme he glitches time eclipse your shine He grips a nine three clips combined he rips your spine Defensive line prevents your kind from seeing another sequence in time This era you thinking these kids are blind I'm Braille L Cool J these niggas feel me You give them a marketing ploy I give them the real me I know this industry looks at me like I'm a lethal weapon so they want to conceal me Ask me about the Slaughterhouse album the honest truth was I think the cultures needs it more than the group does I just put lyrical activist in the juice jugs And lean on the game like I'm extorting the new blood music firstlastlovemusic FLLM nowplaying kxngcrooked so pp • • • • • musikk musica longbeach california rap rapper lyrics hiphop familybusiness tumblr songoftheday


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