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Keep your eyes open for the enemy! OR should I say 4*... 😂🤣 ⠀ Absolutely EPIC helmet design! Showcase your helmets in the comments below!👇⠀ .⠀ Credit: elifigsan⠀ .⠀ AR members⠀ airsoft_gi.geecallsign.vikingmichael_harrison98voti12clarkeyairsoftmiss_contagious_airsoftsparky_ta1_airsoftghost_nldhades.reaper_⠀ .⠀ Check us out at⠀ -⠀ airsoftranch airsoft airsofter airsoftworld airsoftobsessed airsoftinternational milsimairsoft tacticool pewpew pewpewlife military tactical tacticalgear multicam airsoftgun guns gunsdaily airsoftnation airsoftworldwide airsoftphotography airsoftplayer airsoftcommunity airsoftdaily gunfanatics airsoftuk airsoftukcommunity airsoftusa airsoftamerica airsoftporn airsoftaddict


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